Design Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Kids Playing in Their Room

The nice thing about designing a kid’s room is that they typically don’t care too much about the design and decor. Kids just want a fun place where they can play! However, as kids grow up they often become more interested in choosing their own styles. That’s why it’s a good idea to make the design versatile enough to change styles throughout the stages of your child’s life. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll make some suggestions for designing a kid’s room.

Versatile Furniture

Plan for the future and choose versatile pieces of furniture for your kid’s room. Furniture with timeless style is easier to use throughout many stages of your child’s life. A platform bed, for instance, won’t go out of style. You can always let kids choose their favorite cartoon characters for their comforter and bed set, since these are easily replaced. Versatile furniture can fit your home’s overall aesthetic as well, allowing you the option to repurpose it for other rooms in the future.

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Versatile Colors

Your child might say their favorite color is yellow, but that doesn’t mean you should just paint their room that way. Tomorrow their favorite color might be blue! Pick something neutral like a medium blue or gray tone. You can always paint an accent wall with brighter kid-friendly colors. By using neutral tones and a few well placed pops of bright color, you can create a great kid-friendly space that will be easier to change as they grow up.

Let Them Go Crazy with Toys

The main thing your kid will really care about is the toys in their room. Posters and other wall accessories are easy to change, so let them choose a few of their favorites. It is their room after all, so you want it to feel like their own special space. Don’t forget to add some shelves and extra storage for their toys when they’re done playing.

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