Interior Design for Laundry Rooms

The areas of your home that you spend the most time in probably include your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. That doesn’t mean that your lesser-used rooms shouldn’t have an attractive and functional interior design too! One of the more overlooked rooms in your house is the laundry room. Often, laundry rooms feel cramped and are purely there for practical purposes. Why not make your laundry room somewhere that you wouldn’t mind doing the laundry? Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll talk about some ideas for laundry room design.

Brighten it Up

A dark and dank laundry room certainly won’t encourage you to step in there to do laundry very often. You want to make your laundry room a more welcoming area. If you’re doing chores, you might as well enjoy the space you’re in! You can make a laundry room much more inviting by including good lighting, brighter colors, and even windows to let natural light pour in if the space allows it.

Plenty of Space

A cramped laundry room isn’t ideal for folding and hanging your clothes. If you have the room, it doesn’t hurt to expand your laundry room out to give you the additional space you need. Plus, if your laundry room is a bit bigger, you can turn it into a multipurpose space, like a mud room.

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An organized laundry room makes everything much easier. You’ll have all the storage you need by incorporating plenty of shelf space, a counter for folding, racks for hanging, and cabinets.

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Your Washer and Dryer

Of course, the main part of a laundry room is the washer and dryer. You can’t have a laundry room without them. If you have models, it might be time to upgrade. Not only do newer models look better, but they have plenty of wash and dry options. They’re more energy efficient, so can potentially save you money on your utility bill.

By tying in all of these design elements, your laundry room will no longer be a room you dread to enter. You might even start to enjoy doing your laundry!

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