Interior Design Trends for the Summer

Each season brings new trends, especially in the world of interior design. A home design trend for the winter won’t work in the summer, so to spruce up your living space, keep up with a few new trends to set your house apart. The summer season is upon us, and there are a few summer trends that have already begun to influence interior design. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design lists some of these.

Recycled Kitchen

The look of a recycled kitchen is clean, sleek, and modern. This movement brings items such as repurposed or reclaimed wood for cabinets and drawers, dark metal countertops, and worn timber doors. Having a recycled kitchen is the perfect design for those wanting a clean look on all surfaces while also keeping a tight grip on the recent modern trend.  

Open Kitchen Spaces

Open layouts in home design have become more and more popular. However, for the summer, there has become a trend of losing the cabinet doors and adding open shelving on blank walls. Instead of having everything tucked away and crammed, allow free space between items throughout the kitchen. Another popular thing to do is fill up jars or other glass containers that show off what is in each jar! Just by taking the cabinet doors off, it gives you more opportunities to ramp up your kitchen interior design.

Unfinished and Minimalist

Barren wood and other untouched pieces give your home design a more rustic look. By not touching or altering the color of furniture, blinds, tables, or chairs, it provides a very clean feeling to any room. These unfinished pieces also can stand the test of time! Whenever you decide to follow another interior design aesthetic, the unfinished furniture pieces can easily be transformed to match your next style.

Light Colors

Just like clothing, darker colors often relate to the winter season, while lighter colors indicate summer and spring. Painting a room with light, pale colors gives a warm and comforting feeling to any space. Even just adding a single piece of furniture to brighten the place up will help the transition into the summer season.

Play with Patterns

An old trend of interior design was keeping the same pattern throughout the room, keeping a very minimal design. However, for the summer, mix and match patterns to give the room a fun atmosphere. If you have plain furniture, you can even go more wild with the patterns! Make sure even with all of these different patterns you are staying true to the color scheme to avoid a cluster of random colors.

Your Summer with Ellecor Interior Design

Each season brings new trends and new ideas to transform your house. If you are looking for a new way to look at your home design for the summer, Ellecor Interior Design has a team of talented designers that want to make your home pop. Whether you want an outside opinion on ideas or a complete home makeover, visit our website today! If you are looking for ideas for a new space, check out Ellecor’s gallery.



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