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The living room is the centerpiece and most commonly used room of your home. Unlike bedrooms, offices, or kitchens, the living room is for everyone. Your guests spend the most time there and will decide on your sense of style, in large part, from your living room design. At Ellecor Interior Design, we believe that having a living room that is perfect for you and your family is key to being satisfied with your home. Read on to learn more about living room design as well as some interesting styles that may inspire your next remodel!

living room design projects

Any interior design project is going to begin with the planning process. The client and the interior designer will have an in-home meeting to view your space and help to develop a customized plan after discussing the goals and limitations of the project. A good interior designer will help you to develop and clarify your vision of a dream living room and design a blueprint to make that dream a reality. If the scale of the project is a large remodel, the interior designer will get in touch with contract laborers and discuss options and budgets with you. If you’re on a tight budget or are just looking for a small re-design, do not assume that hiring a designer is beyond your reach. A few hours of consultation can be the difference between an average living room and your dream living room.

Styles of Living Room Designs

Living room designs are rarely only one particular style, but it can be helpful to know some general design philosophies to help better communicate with your designer what you are looking for. Some of the living room design styles include:


Characterized by clean designs and streamlined geometric shapes. Asymmetry and a neutral color palette are key components of a successful modern design.


Similar to modern styles in that neutral colors and asymmetry are staples of contemporary style. However, the softer edges and bold accents of a contemporary living room design help to differentiate contemporary from modern styles.


A more relaxed style, romantic design uses lots of pastel colors and light, soft accents. Lots of accessory pieces like pillows and decorations are often utilized in a romantic living room style.

Old World

Embracing antique forms as well as muted color palettes, give old-world living room designs a feeling of sophistication and class. Many deep, rich colors are used in combination with dark-stained wood materials to create a timeless look.


Blending aspects of romantic and old world styles, a cottage-style living room design will include pastel colors and antique-style furniture. Floral designs and distressed wood designs help to create a comfortable, beautiful space.

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