Maximizing Your Kitchen Space

Small kitchens can be a big problem in a home, especially if you are struggling to keep all of your necessities in order. More often than not, people aren’t utilizing all the space possible in their kitchen, causing it to feel cluttered and unorganized. Your kitchen interior design shouldn’t be compromised just because you’re limited on space! In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design lists a few tips to maximize your kitchen space without losing your personal interior design aesthetic.

Organize Drawers and Cabinets

Drawers and cabinet space are essential to keeping a decluttered kitchen. Hiding your plates, bowls, pots, and pans behind these doors will help keep a clean look to your kitchen. You’ll want to fit as many items in these spaces as possible, so make sure to organize each shelf neatly. If you organize each shelf or drawer and stick to your organization technique, you’ll be able to fit more in each small space.

Use Dividers

We all have a “junk drawer” in our kitchen. All too often these drawers are a jumble of random knick-knacks or kitchenware. By adding simple dividers to drawers, it makes them easier to close. This also makes finding small items easier.

Utilizing Open Wall Space

In almost all kitchens, you will find overflowing cabinets or drawers; however, there is always a blank wall space. Pots and pans take up the most space in the cabinets. By adding hooks that match the kitchen interior design, you now have a new look while also saving space. But why stop with just a few hooks? If you have enough wall space, consider adding basic shelves to add more storage and give an open look to your kitchen.

Turn Your Sink into Counter Space

Kitchen sinks take up a lot of counter space, making other areas crammed for cooking and prep-work. By adding a custom piece of kitchenware to your interior design, you can add feet of more counter space. These pieces fit perfectly into the basin of the sink, resting comfortably on top. This new piece of your kitchen interior design is ideal for a cutting board, allowing for a smooth transition to the pan!

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Ellecor Interior Design is a professional, well-rated interior design company that is happy to transform your house into your dream home. Whether you need to save space in your kitchen or want to revamp your house completely, contact Ellecor! Our awesome staff is willing to answer any questions you might have. To learn more about us, visit our website and check out our gallery for inspiration!



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