Custom Furniture Trends for 2020 by Ellecor Design

Custom furniture is a wonderful choice for your home, especially if you want to create a piece of furniture that perfectly fits into your home design. Our team has relationships with many artisans who can craft a piece for you, no matter what style you want. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we discuss top custom furniture trends to watch for in 2020.

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Natural and Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-friendly custom furniture continues to be a major trend, which is why natural materials are a great choice to showcase beautiful furniture design while supporting sustainable practices. Local artisans apply their skill and creativity to create custom furniture with recycled metals, concrete, bamboo, organic materials, and reclaimed wood. Look for entire sets of custom furniture for your dining room, living room, and bedroom.


Velvet just feels right! Look for chaises, daybeds, sofas, ottomans, and entryway chairs made of soft velvet in just about any color. This material isn’t just for Victorian-era furniture, so feel free to mix up some styles or add luxury to a modern piece of custom furniture.

Upholstered Beds

Upholstered beds make a statement and create a unique centerpiece for your bedroom. Large headboards, matching footboards, and a bench at the end all make a cohesive look with fabric, button tufting, and a class mid-century modern look. A bed as custom furniture should highlight your special style but also provide an inviting space. 

Sculptural Furniture

Custom furniture should be a work of art in and of itself. Sculptural furniture takes this idea up a notch. The idea here is to combine visual art with the function of furniture. For example, a bench might have a curvy piece in between a thick end and narrow end with a bold color that stands out from the rest of the room.

Vintage Styles

Mid-century modern and Art Deco styles from the early to middle 20th century are making a comeback. Art Deco features geometric shapes and intricate patterns found during the Roaring ‘20s. Meanwhile, mid-century modern custom furniture should have clean, simple lines and a minimalist touch with monochromatic hues.

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Custom Furniture Design by Ellecor

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