Interior Design Advice for a Perfect Guest Room

master bedroom design with muted colors

Guest Room Interior Design Advice from Ellecor

When you’re designing your home, don’t forget to give a little time and attention to the guest room. Though it isn’t used as often as most of the other rooms in the house, it is essential to create a space where your guests will feel truly comfortable and welcome.

Paying attention to details shows your guests that you care. So we’d love to give you some interior design tips that will help you set up the perfect guest retreat. Read on to find out our helpful tips and tricks!

Use Plush Linens

There is nothing as restful and welcoming as a plush bed! This is the kind of bed you want to create for your guests in your guest room. Make sure that you buy a fluffy comforter, but don’t stop there. Try adding a blanket for extra comfort and some texture. Don’t be afraid to use accent pillows to create that extra sense of luxury.

Cover the Basics

Make sure that your guest has all of the essentials they need, like access to the wifi password. Consider putting the wifi password in a picture frame and displaying it on the bedside table. This is both decorative and functional. Your guests will definitely appreciate it!

Also, make sure there is a clock in the room, preferably one that has an alarm function. If your guests have plans for morning activities during their visit, they’ll be glad you provided a convenient alarm clock for them.

Let Them Eat Snacks

In case your guests get a little peckish during the night, consider leaving a small basket of healthy snacks somewhere in their room. They will surely appreciate having things on-hand instead of having to rummage through your kitchen or just go hungry.

Let There Be Light

Give your visitors the gift of good lighting so that they can comfortably read or work in their room. Having a good table lamp on the bedside table or maybe a floor lamp next to a plush chair will make a huge difference in the space and make it infinitely more welcoming.

Let Ellecor Design Your Guest Room

If you feel like you still need some help with your interior design project, consider hiring an interior designer. At Ellecor Interior Design we have a talented team of interior design experts. They are equipped to bring new life to your home and help bring together a living space that you and your guests will love! Contact us today to learn more about what our interior design experts can do for you!