Do You Love Lofts? Ellecor Has Some Interior Design Tips

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Do you love lofts? You see this design cropping up more and more in older buildings. Think former industrial spaces transformed into apartments that make the best use of the original space. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we explore some interior design tips for lofts.

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Incorporate Natural Materials

What do you think of first when you envision a loft? Do red brick walls come to mind? Bricks are made of clay, a mineral material found in the Earth. Consider incorporating natural materials into the interior design of your loft. Think stone, wood, plants, flowers, or water features.

Go for Industrial Style

Loft living takes into account the industrial style of the place. Many elements of the loft are open and exposed, like beams, ductwork, pipes, and conduits, all of which add to the appeal of your loft.  Go all-out with this theme by having industrial elements for interior design choices. Gray or black metal, Edison-style bulbs, spotlights, cars, planes, engine parts, photos of cityscapes, and the like are all appropriate.

Complement What’s There

Choose interior designs that complement what you have on hand. Do you have red or brown bricks? Think about other earth tones like green, dark orange, gray, and reddish-brown. Do you have overhead beams? Think about track lighting or hanging artwork. 

Contrast a Bit

Yes, earth tones rule in a loft space, but you can add contrast to your interior design choices as well. Think about a throw pillow in bright sky blue to contrast red brick. How about a sunshine-yellow comforter on top of your bed to brighten the dark metal staircase leading up to the loft? All you need is a splash of color to change a room instantly.

Brighten With Lights

You probably envision a darker loft space because of the exposed walls and the industrial building as a whole. Brighten the space with lighting, whether you incorporate an industrial theme or not. Spotlights and Edison-style bulbs complement an industrial theme. Floor lamps add light to a dark corner. Feel free to use mirrors to create an illusion of more space and more light.

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