What Your Home Interior Design Says About You

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Your home is your personal sanctuary, a completely customizable space that can fulfill whatever needs and desires you can dream up. Whether you are living with your family, living by yourself, or living with friends, the interior design of the home can say a lot about you. With home design, many elements can reveal your personality — sometimes without you even knowing! In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design shares some common interior design elements that can reveal things about your character.

Open Floor Plans

In recent decades, open floor plans have become more and more common in homes. This gives a home an open, spacious feeling that transitions to the rest of the house. For an interior designer, an open floor plan shows that you are family-oriented and you enjoy hosting guests. This home design says a lot about your personality, and it is a welcoming invitation for friends, family, and guests.

Quirky Accessories

Knick-knacks, intricate pieces, and cute collectibles can tell you a lot about the homeowner’s personality. These accessories often have sentimental meaning, showing an emotional connection between the homeowner and the home itself. If your house is decorated with quirky knick-knacks, you are more likely to be extroverted and creative.

Lots of Comfortable Furniture

The furniture in you home offers hints about how big your family is and how often you host guests. Extended dining room tables, sectional couches, and plentiful end-tables create a homey feeling that is welcoming and comfortable. In a house with lots of comfy furniture, the saying “Make yourself at home” is a real invitation!

If you are looking for a custom dining room table, check out Ellecor’s blog: Ideas for a Custom Dining Room Table!

Family Photos and Heirloom Art

Walls are often decorated with family photos, pictures, and unique artwork. If your house features walls covered in family photos and heirloom artwork, it is easy to tell that you are a nostalgic household that is family-oriented. These interior design items help to remind us of fond memories with family and friends, often sparking great conversations about time spent together. 

Kitchen Organization

Any interior design that is carefully organized is a great hint about the homeowner’s personality. Homeowners with a clear-cut layout, sleek furniture, and a minimalistic approach are often more organized in both personal and professional environments. However, your kitchen is the biggest tell-tale sign. Having everything put in a cabinet, on a shelf, or in a drawer is a key indicator of a detail-oriented, by-the-books personality. 

Need a Home Makeover? Ellecor Interior Design Can Help!

Ellecor Interior Design wants to help your home have a personality that is a perfect reflection of your own. Whether you have a cluttered home filled to the brim with nostalgic decorations, or you have three pieces of furniture total, there is an interior designer that can help you. Houses are made to showcase your personality, so let Ellecor Interior Design help you with that. Take a look at our gallery to get inspired by our style, and contact us today with any questions!



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