Ellecor’s Fave 5: Fall 2023

We’re constantly refreshing our store with amazing home decor items, and each season we like to round up our favorites. This fall, it’s Gabe Jackson’s turn to pick his favorite pieces. Jackson joined the Ellecor team in February of 2022 and is one of our interior designers.

1. Brass pinecone candlestick holders

Once the cool weather hits, we love to make our spaces extra cozy by lighting lots of candles. These brass pinecone candles are perfect for fall and add just a touch of whimsy.

Why we love them: Because they’re pinecones, they are a great nod to the season without feeling overtly like decorations. They don’t have to be exclusively for fall, but they’ll fit right in with your fall decorations.

How to style them: Style them on your mantel with other candlestick holders, or let them stand out on their own by placing them on your dining room table.

Price: $12

Reclaimed Wood Book Holder 

Take your coffee book game to the next level with this reclaimed wood book holder.

Why we love it: A coffee book holder lets you highlight your beautiful coffee table books and get more use out of them. Because you’ll open up the books to display them, you’ll be able to change what image you’re displaying. If you change your decor, you can open your book to a page that matches. 

How to style them: Keep things simple and let your bookholder and book be the star of your coffee table. 

Price: $27
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Work by Local Artist Meidi Karampour  

Meidi Karampour is a portrait and figurative artist working in the long drawing tradition rooted in the Renaissance. He’s inspired by the Impressionists and uses an extended color palette.

We are currently featuring a selection of his work in varying sizes.

Why we love it:  Meidi’s use of color means his pieces make quite a statement, but there’s a softness to them that means they work with a lot of different aesthetics. 

How to style them: We especially love Meidi’s large pieces, which work well above a couch or as a focal point in an entryway. 
Price: Prices vary

Candle Snuffer

If you’re going to have fabulous candlestick holders, then you might as well have a fancy candle snuffer to go with them.

Why we love them:  A candle snuffer is one of those small details that makes everyday living feel just a bit more luxurious.

How to style them: Place them on your mantel next to your candle holders. 
Price: $18

Connor Bluestone Dining Table

The base and legs of this table are made from wood, whereas the top of the table is made from bluestone. Bluestone is a natural stone that’s highly durable and used in a wide range of settings.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish, comfortable, and versatile sitting chair than the Stephanie chair from Norwalk.

Why we love them:  Bluestone is often used in outdoor settings, so it’s a bit unexpected to see it used on a dining table. 

How to style them: As you can see, we think the table makes a great foundation for decor. However, we also like to tone things down and create a table setting with ceramic plates and linen napkins. 
Price: $3,402

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