5 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Increasing the value of your home may seem complicated, especially if you want to maximize the sale price of your home in your local real estate market. But what if you could increase your home value with several simple renovations? You can! And Ellecore makes it easy. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design shares five ways you can increase your home’s value. 

1. Hire an Interior Designer

Interior designers can completely transform your design direction to match your desired aesthetic. Many elements go into designing a home, such as choosing furniture, home decorations, efficiency improvements, and more. Potential home buyers are looking for a house that meets their expectations for a desirable property. Investing in an interior designer before you sell your home can attract the right buyers, garner more purchase offers, and raise the overall value of your home.  

2. Improve Curb Appeal

The first thing that buyers see when they arrive at your house for a tour is the yard, landscaping, and exterior of the home. This can be the make-or-break moment for interested buyers. Before even listing your house, assess the curb appeal and make a note of what you need to improve. This can be as simple as mowing the yard, planting trees, repainting the exterior, or installing lights.

3. Redo Your Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are some of the first things people notice when they are touring a house. The most sought-after countertop is granite due to the look, finish, and durability. Countertops serve many purposes, including storage, food preparation, cutting surfaces, serving areas, dining areas, and more. Homebuyers are looking for attractive countertop spaces as they imagine their own family enjoying life in the home. So consider investing in new countertops before you sell!

4. Get Up to Date

There are two ways to instantly make your home more appealing to the new generation of home buyers: keep up with home design trends and install new technology. There are certain design styles from past decades that can make a house feel old and outdated. Styles and preferences are always changing, and if you are behind the times, it can affect your home value. Update with new trends and new technology to make your home more attractive to modern buyers.

5. Replace Your Rugs or Carpet

Carpets and rugs can quickly become dirty and dingy after years of wear. Stained areas and dull colors are not appealing to buyers and can be a point of contention between the buyer and seller. Consider replacing the carpet or resurfacing hardwood floors to increase your home value, update your home design, and provide years of durable flooring for prospective buyers. 

Ellecor Interior Design Wants to Help!

Ellecor Interior Design wants to help you sell your house for as much as possible! Our expert team of interior designers wants to partner with you to transform the inside of your house and appeal to buyers. We offer advice and guidance throughout the process, leaving you with confidence when you put your house on the market. 

Ellecor provides many services and products to make your home stand out from the rest. Contact Ellecor Interior Design today for more information about how we can help you sell your home!

Tech Advances for the Modern Home Design

A new age of home design is here, and with it comes an entirely new outlook on technology. Modern devices, appliances, and home accessories have revolutionized home design. These technologies allow the homeowner to have complete control over all electronics from a single device or central hub. These tech advances offer more control over your home while also being more energy-efficient. Ellecor Interior Design explains modern technology to take your home design to the next level.

Smart Appliances

You have probably heard of smartphones before, but if you have never used a smart appliance you are in for a great experience! Smart appliances use technology to receive commands, adapt to your daily routine, be more energy-efficient, and save you money. These devices often use WiFi, so they can be remotely controlled from your phone or other internet sources. If you forget to turn off your smart oven when you leave the house, you can just turn it off from your smartphone!

Lighting Control

Traditionally, lights are controlled by a wall switch that needs to be manually flipped. However, with smart lights or smart light bulbs, you can control the lights from anywhere! With a smart home, all of your lights can be controlled from one system: your smartphone. These light bulbs are much more energy-efficient, saving you money on your utility bill. You can also program the lights to come on at a certain time, so your home is always in sync with your schedule!

Smart Thermostat

Very similar to smart appliances, smart thermostats work in a similar fashion. They can be controlled by your phone or other internet-based control system. Smart thermostats provide more benefits than a normal thermostat because they moderate temperature faster, give you maintenance reminders, and automatically minimize energy consumption.

Make It Mobile

The main thing that sets apart a traditional home design from modern home design is the connectivity to the internet. The homeowner will have complete control over the house from their phone, giving them access from anywhere and everywhere. These home design tech advances are perfect for the 21st century home!

From Outdated to Modern With Ellecor Interior Design

Have you noticed your appliances are becoming outdated? Or maybe you are using a different remote or switch for every piece of technology in your home? If so, it might be time for a modern redesign. Ellecor Interior Design will help you get the most out of your home with one of our professional interior designers. Check out our home designs in our gallery to learn how we can transform your home. Need more information or want to chat with an interior designer? Contact us today!

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Utility Bill Down

Everyone knows that seasonal temperature changes cause your utility bill to rise substantially. Even if you don’t live in an area that has hot summers and cold winters, your utility bill is still a significant monthly expense. There are many tips and tricks that can help you manage a high utility bill. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design provides advice for reducing your utility expenses.

Lower the Temperature

It sounds obvious to turn your AC or heat down when the temperature changes, but it really does help. Before you leave for work or a vacation, turn your AC or heat down to save money while you are gone. Even when you are home, lowering the temperature a few degrees in the winter and raising it a few degrees in the summer will help reduce your overall utility bill.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing the air filters in your HVAC system is a great way to reduce your utility costs throughout the year. Air filters quickly fill with dust, which blocks the airflow in the vents, making your AC or heating unit work even harder than usual. When you don’t feel it getting as cool as the thermostat says, check on your air filters to see if there is any blockage preventing the air from coming through.

Check Your Windows

Believe it or not, even when your windows are closed, hot or cool air from outside can still flow into your house. Older windows often lack the proper sealing that new windows have, allowing air to slip through the small cracks. When sunlight is beaming into your home, it will raise the overall temperature significantly. When you are designing your home, ask your interior designer for efficient window treatments to prevent solar heat from coming in. This is a great way to save money in the long run!

Monitor Appliances

Appliances are often the main contributor to your utility bill. Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, and more can make your utility bill skyrocket if they are not functioning correctly. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is consulting an interior designer to help you decide on what appliances to buy. They can look for appliances that are more energy-efficient while creating the kitchen interior design you want.

Let Ellecor Interior Design Help Lower Your Utility Bill

Ellecor Interior Design is determined to help you create the house of your dreams. We offer a variety of services that will transform your home and make it a space you never want to leave. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your home energy efficient while also giving it a look you love. 


What Your Home Interior Design Says About You

Model house standing out from the others

Your home is your personal sanctuary, a completely customizable space that can fulfill whatever needs and desires you can dream up. Whether you are living with your family, living by yourself, or living with friends, the interior design of the home can say a lot about you. With home design, many elements can reveal your personality — sometimes without you even knowing! In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design shares some common interior design elements that can reveal things about your character.

Open Floor Plans

In recent decades, open floor plans have become more and more common in homes. This gives a home an open, spacious feeling that transitions to the rest of the house. For an interior designer, an open floor plan shows that you are family-oriented and you enjoy hosting guests. This home design says a lot about your personality, and it is a welcoming invitation for friends, family, and guests.

Quirky Accessories

Knick-knacks, intricate pieces, and cute collectibles can tell you a lot about the homeowner’s personality. These accessories often have sentimental meaning, showing an emotional connection between the homeowner and the home itself. If your house is decorated with quirky knick-knacks, you are more likely to be extroverted and creative.

Lots of Comfortable Furniture

The furniture in you home offers hints about how big your family is and how often you host guests. Extended dining room tables, sectional couches, and plentiful end-tables create a homey feeling that is welcoming and comfortable. In a house with lots of comfy furniture, the saying “Make yourself at home” is a real invitation!

If you are looking for a custom dining room table, check out Ellecor’s blog: Ideas for a Custom Dining Room Table!

Family Photos and Heirloom Art

Walls are often decorated with family photos, pictures, and unique artwork. If your house features walls covered in family photos and heirloom artwork, it is easy to tell that you are a nostalgic household that is family-oriented. These interior design items help to remind us of fond memories with family and friends, often sparking great conversations about time spent together. 

Kitchen Organization

Any interior design that is carefully organized is a great hint about the homeowner’s personality. Homeowners with a clear-cut layout, sleek furniture, and a minimalistic approach are often more organized in both personal and professional environments. However, your kitchen is the biggest tell-tale sign. Having everything put in a cabinet, on a shelf, or in a drawer is a key indicator of a detail-oriented, by-the-books personality. 

Need a Home Makeover? Ellecor Interior Design Can Help!

Ellecor Interior Design wants to help your home have a personality that is a perfect reflection of your own. Whether you have a cluttered home filled to the brim with nostalgic decorations, or you have three pieces of furniture total, there is an interior designer that can help you. Houses are made to showcase your personality, so let Ellecor Interior Design help you with that. Take a look at our gallery to get inspired by our style, and contact us today with any questions!

How to Set Your Home Apart from Your Neighbors

One red and one yellow apartment front doorIn many neighborhoods, especially in the suburbs, homes look very similar and can be challenging to differentiate. Setting up your home to stand out amongst the crowd takes planning and execution. To have the hottest home on the block, you will want to make sure to address some key aspects of interior design and overall style. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design will list a few tips to set your home apart from the rest.

Curb Appeal

There are lots of elements you can add to improve your home’s curb appeal and stand out in the neighborhood. Small fixes can make a big difference, such as a well-manicured lawn, pristine landscaping, and clean gutters. However, Ellecor Interior Design recommends that you take it a step further. To transform your home, consider a new exterior paint color or a redesign of the entrance way. Subtle changes in exterior lighting can make a dynamic difference in the evenings. When you want your home to make a big impression, curb appeal is a perfect place to start.

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Interior Design Elements

The interior designs of cookie-cutter subdivisions can be very similar from house to house. However, you can set yourself apart from your neighbors with amazing interior design elements! Your home can be completely different on the inside than anyone else’s, making you stand out in the best way. Utilize spaces in new ways, add new elements, and hire an interior designer for the best results.

Let Your Style Show

Your house should be a reflection of your personality. You want your house to be a home, so let your style show! Whether it’s adding custom furniture, a new paint color, or fun artwork, follow your heart and choose styles you love. Each individual has their own style, so trust your personal preferences and showcase your individualism. The interior design of your house will wow your guests, leaving a personal impression that will last!

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Add Subtle Differences

A subtle difference is sometimes all it takes to set your home apart. Consider changing up the details, such as new window treatments, a new color for your front door, custom furniture, or new light fixtures. With endless design possibilities, it’s easy to stand out if you try! If you don’t have the wow factor you want, Ellecor Interior Design can help with that!

Hire an Interior Designer from Ellecor Interior Design!

Whether your home is already decorated or you have a completely blank canvas, one of the best decisions you can make is hiring an interior designer. Interior designers can help you save both time and money throughout the process. If you find yourself in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, and you want to stand out among the houses around you, contact Ellecor Interior Design for professional help!

Interior Design for a Basement

Working on a basement

A finished basement is typically a large, open area. Having a good interior design plan is essential to giving it a cohesive look. When coming up with a design for a basement, you have a lot of flexibility and options, so it can be a little overwhelming. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll give you some tips for basement interior design.

Create a Media Room

One of the most popular uses for a basement is creating an amazing media room. A basement is the perfect place to set up a big screen TV, sound system, and comfortable furniture for movie nights and watching the game. Basement media rooms are practical and functional, but they can also be very stylish. Using an open concept design can make the space feel open and airy.

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Include a Mini-Bar

Since there’s so much space available in your basement, it’s common to have a bar and a kitchenette. This is especially useful if you’re planning on using your basement as an entertainment area. The best part about mini-bar design is you can make the space as unique as you are.

You can go elegant, with bistro lighting, granite surfaces, and stainless steel. You can go sporty, with hardwood surfaces, mounted TVs, and pennants from your favorite teams. Or you can go professional, with a wine cooler, a draft beer system, and all the accessories of a real cocktail bar.

Family and Play Area for the Kids (or Teens)

Another good way to utilize a basement is by making it the primary play area and family hangout. This contains most of the kids’ mess downstairs so you can keep the upstairs clean and tidy. With all kinds of organizational built-in options for storage, you can keep your basement area relatively tidy. Family play areas are great for all sorts of fun, such as video game systems, board games, toy boxes, and all the other activities you and your family enjoy. You can even throw in a pool table or foosball table for more entertainment value.

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Fitness Area

If you have extra space in your basement, you can always make a fitness area. This keeps all of your workout equipment downstairs and out of the way. This works best when you have a separate room so you can keep it out of the main design while also giving yourself a quiet enclosed area to focus on your workout.

Choose Ellecor Interior Design

No matter which room in your home you’re looking to design, Ellecor Interior Design can help. We offer a variety of personalized home decor and interior design services. We strive to create beautiful spaces for our clients that perfectly fit their personality and lifestyle. Contact us today for more information.

Home Decor to Modernize Your Home’s Style

Stylish and spacious living room

Home Decor to Modernize Your Home’s Style

Living in an older home does not mean you have to live with older decor. Updating your home with a modern style does not require a huge investment. Home decor is often about the details. You don’t need a home renovation in order to enjoy a modern decor style. Today, the team at Ellecor Interior Design will offer a few decor updates that can give your home’s style a modern look.

Start With the Lights

One of the most overlooked aspects of home decor is the lighting. The lights you use have a significant impact on the feel of a room’s design. Brighten up your home with table and floor lamps. Metallic lamps with simple geometric designs are an inexpensive investment that can do wonders for your home’s style.

Installing new ceiling fixtures is a bit more intensive, but can have a dramatic impact on a room. For most homeowners, it’s best to avoid digging into your home’s electric wiring on your own. If you are planning on making significant changes to your fixtures, contact a professional interior design team, like Ellecor.

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Clean Up Clutter

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to accessorizing your home. Contemporary design leans towards minimalism, but that doesn’t mean simply ditching stuff. Instead, concentrate on rearranging furniture so your rooms feel open. Unburden your bookshelves from unnecessary clutter. Remove excess decorative pillows and blankets.  A few are fine, but piles of pillows and blankets strewn across your sofa can make your living room seem cluttered.

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Accentuate Your Decor with Art

Contemporary art is a lovely addition to almost any room. Look for art that complements your furniture. When you place art on your walls, try to hang it about eye level or slightly below. Opt for simple frames in lieu of more traditional ornate frames.

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Visit Ellecor Interior Design Today for Your Perfect Piece

If you are looking for the best place to find new furnishings for your home in Springfield, visit Ellecor today. Our professional interior designer can work with you to help create the ideal living space in your home. Contact us today at 417-720-2602, or come visit our store at 2144 E Republic Road, Suite A100, Springfield, MO 65804.

The Holiday Home

A cozy couch and table set with holiday decor.

If you are planning on hosting any family gatherings this holiday season, you know that time is of the essence! In this blog, Ellecor Interior Design explains how you can use your existing decor in order to make you home holiday ready!

Use What You Have

Before you run out to the store, take a look at your existing decor. Look for rich colors, and pay close attention to any decorative pieces you have that have motifs like elk, deer, pine trees, cardinals, snowflakes, or berry bushes. You can use those pieces to help create your overall holiday vision.

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Pick A Color Scheme

If you are more drawn to icy blues and bright whites than greens and reds, use them! You will probably have more of those colors in your year-long decor anyway. Do not be afraid to experiment with the addition of silvers and golds to brighten any room. Metallic surfaces reflect candlelight and can add to the overall ambiance you are building.

Create Calm

In a season of chaos, you and your guests can both appreciate a clean and calm environment. Try using candles and lamps in the place of overhead lights. This will give any room a cozy feeling. If you have little ones who might be roaming about, it is a good idea to use flameless candles that have LED lights in them to make them fire safe. Use lots of folded blankets to change the color scheme of your standard furniture. Remember that your friends and family will be happy to be with you for the holidays and that any environment you create will be wonderful!

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Contact Ellecor Today

If you feel that your home could use a revamp, contact Ellecor today! We provide a full range of interior design services and work with your unique needs, tastes, and ideas. Contact us online today or call us at (417) 720-2602.

DIY Design Ideas

A young woman works on a DIY project.

Ellecor: DIY Design Ideas

It can be very fun to update your home from time to time, but it can also be a bit of a process. In this blog, Ellecor Interior Design guides you through five simple DIYs that will have your home looking great in no time!

1. Tape Picture Frames

Do you have a wall in your home that is bare and boring? Spice it up a bit with tape picture frames. First, purchase a few rolls of Washi tape that are in patterns or color schemes that you enjoy and that you believe work with your current decor. Next, print a few images from your personal photo collection and apply them to the blank wall of your choice using paint safe tape. Frame the images with the Washi tape. Keep a small space between the edge of the print and the tape itself to add some contrast.

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2. Pom-Pom Runner

Pom-pom runners can be used to make an older table look trendier, and can even be hung up on the wall or draped across the back of a chair or a couch to add a fun statement. Go to your local craft store and purchase two or three bags of pom-poms. Purchase two rolls of twine. Using a hot glue gun, apply the pom-poms along the twine about two inches apart. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Now place the pom-pom runner in an area of your home that needs some color and enjoy!

3. Permanent Chalkboard Sign

Buy a small chalkboard from your local craft store. Purchase some white acrylic paint. Use a piece of paper and a pencil to determine your design. Take your pencil and trace the design onto the chalkboard in pencil. Use a paintbrush and the acrylic paint to paint over the top of the design. Allow to dry fully. Your Chalkboard now has a permanent design!

4. Gold Accents

Are you into gold lately? Do you want your furniture to look a bit more modernized and a bit trendier? Purchase a small container of gold paint. Using a two or three-inch thick paintbrush, paint the legs of your older furniture. Allow your first coat to dry, and then reapply. Not only does this simple trick update your furniture and help tie your rooms together, and it also hides any scrapes or scuffs that can come with age.

5. Modern Twig Arrangement

To update the classic table centerpiece, all you need is some gold paint, a jar or vase, and some twigs from your yard! Go outside and gather twenty or so fallen twigs. Use warm water and a paper towel to clean off the dirt. Allow them to dry. Once they are dry, completely cover one side of them in the paint and allow that to dry. Then apply the paint to the other side of the twigs. If you want to add a bit more gold, try painting the jar or vase that the sticks are displayed in.

Contact Ellecor

Even after using DIYs to update your home, you may still want to seek the assistance of a professional. Ellecor has been assisting clients with interior design solutions since 2013. From simple design inspiration to complex project assistance, the Ellecor team can help you style your home in a way that suits your needs, and takes into account your unique tastes. Contact us online today or call (417) 720-2602.

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Reading Nook – Interior Design – Ellecor

Above shot of a woman holding coffee and a book

Interior Design: The Perfect Reading Nook

I think we can all agree that on a rainy day there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cup of tea and a good book. The only thing that could enhance such a delightful experience is having a dedicated reading nook specifically designed for ultimate comfort. Read our Ellecor blog to find out what you need to create the perfect reading nook!

A Comfy Chair

You can’t have a reading nook without a plush chair. Find a chair that’s comfortable but still provides good support. Choose colors that will be calming to you and facilitate rest and relaxation.

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Lots of Cozy Blankets

Of course, you’ll want to have some cozy blankets at your disposal for chilly days. A blanket can be a great way to add a pop of color to the space. If your chair is a neutral color, choose a brightly colored blanket that’ll add both color and texture to the space.

Really Good Lighting

To fully enjoy your reading nook, you need to have good lighting so you don’t strain your eyes. If you can, place your reading nook next to a window to provide natural reading light. Also, make sure you have a lamp on hand for those dark winter days or night time reading. Make sure that it’s a soft, warm light that isn’t hard on your eyes.

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Someplace to Put Your Drink

You’ll need someplace to put your tea while you read. A small end table should suit your purposes fine. An end table is another great way to add a pop of color. Don’t forget to have some coasters handy!

Someplace to Put Your Feet

Place an ottoman near your comfy chair so you can prop your feet up while you read. There are a lot of options when it comes to ottomans. We suggest choosing one that’s cushioned to provide yourself with the utmost comfort while you read.

Don’t Forget the Bookshelf

If you have space, put a bookshelf near your reading nook. That way you can have all your favorite tales handy for when you sit down to read. Keep the shelves stocked with old favorites and books that are on your “must-read” list!

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Let Ellecor Help You!

At Ellecor we have the perfect décor and furniture pieces to help you create the most beautiful and comfortable reading space for your home. If you’d like help putting the space together, we have a team of incredible interior designers who have an excellent eye for creating lovely spaces. Contact us today or come visit us in store!