Ellecor’s Fave 5: Summer 2023

One of the best parts of owning a home decor shop is sourcing and curating items I love. It fills me with joy to walk into the shop everyone morning and be greeted by beautiful things. And the best part? Our pieces are always changing, so there are often new things to fall in love with. 

This list doesn’t have a specific theme, but they all add personality and warmth to your space.

1. Vintage Rugs

Nothing adds instant warmth and texture to a space like a vintage rug. We currently have a variety of Parisian and Turkish vintage rugs in the shop in different sizes and designs.

Why we love them: They have a lot of color, are well-loved, and feel authentic. They’re a great way to add a bit of color in a neutral space. 

How to style them: Try adding one to a hallway or under a butcher’s block in your kitchen. 

Price: Starting at $550

Coffee Table Books

Looking to personalize a room? Coffee table books are a super easy way to add some personality to a space.

Why we love it: There are beautiful coffee table books about every subject, so you can find ones personalized to your interests. They’re also very versatile, and you can style them in many ways.  

How to style them: You can style one book or a slew of them. Stack them up to create some height on a table or mantle. To style just one, open it flat to a photo you like. You can then switch the image whenever you want, thus creating a piece of art you can change up. 

Price: $10-$150

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Artwork by Local Artist John Velo 

According to his website, “John Velo (b. 1992) is a Springfield, Missouri-based contemporary artist who works primarily in watercolor, ink, charcoal, and graphite. His work is a timeless interplay of light and shadows to capture the beauty of the male form.” 

We are currently featuring a selection of his work in varying sizes.

Why we love it:  Velo’s mostly black and white pieces are stunning but neutral, which allows them to work with a lot of different design aesthetics. 

How to style them: We currently have his pieces set up as a gallery wall, which I absolutely love. However, they are strong enough to stand alone as a point of focus in a space. 

Price: Ranging from $250-$1,000

Glass Decanters 

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, glass decanters are a staple decor piece that every host should own. 

Why we love them:  They’re great for dressing up a table, buffet, or bar. They feel very “Mad Men” to us, which is a lot of fun. 

How to style them: Create a stylish bar tableau by mixing a decanter with cocktail glasses, books, vases, and other small home decor items. 

Price: $36

Norwalk Stephanie Chair 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish, comfortable, and versatile sitting chair than the Stephanie chair from Norwalk.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish, comfortable, and versatile sitting chair than the Stephanie chair from Norwalk.

Why we love them:  It’s such a solid staple, and you can order it as a regular lounge chair, a swivel chair, a glider chair, or a swivel and glider chair. 

How to style them: Because you can customize this chair with tons of different fabrics, there aren’t a lot of spaces it won’t work. Throw on a couple of complimentary pillows, and you’re good to go. 

Price: Starting at $1800

Looking for the perfect home decor?

Come stop by our store! There’s a lot more fabulous home decor where that came from. Have questions? Give us a call.



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