How Interior Design Has Changed Over Time

Red chair and a retro tv in front of a 1970s wallpaper

Interior design trends come in waves, emerging and defining the industry for a time, and then receding as another trend arrives. When you think of fashion styles in decades past, it is fairly easy to imagine a picture of the way people were dressed. By the same token, homes styles are also characterized by specific decades, because there are iconic features that stand out as unique to the era. Today, Ellecor explains how interior design styles have changed over the decades.

The 1970s

The 1970s were known for their discos, bright colors, and free spirits, and these trends extended beyond lifestyle and fashion to include home design. As you walked into a home of that era, you would notice a color palette consisting of warm colors such as brown, orange, and red. The 1970s home design was characterized by shag carpeting, floral patterns, an open-concept floor plan, woodgrain and stone elements, and rich textures on both walls and ceilings.

The 1980s

The 1980s home design era revised the bright colors brought by the 1960s and 1970s, transitioning to more subtle and organic colors. As technology became more accessible to the average homeowner, you started to notice a design focus on entertainment, including radios, televisions, or movie players. Carpeting, although still popular, was generally found only in bedrooms as laminate and hardwood flooring was primarily utilized for kitchens and living rooms. The overall interior design of a 1980s home was more contemporary in design than any decade before.

The 1990s

The home design of a 1990s home was unlike any other decade in the past. Surfaces, furniture, and appliances were sleek with a soft, subtle color palette. Trends such as decorative paintings, patterns, wicker, and wallpaper were some of the things that set the ’90s interior design apart from others. The latter half of the ’90s started to include natural wood products for kitchen countertops and cabinets.

The 2000s

Technology has officially begun to take over home design. Homes started to become ‘smart homes’ as cell phones were utilized to control all of the electronics in the home design. Furniture and entire designs picked up on a modern, simplistic style that can still be found in modern-day homes. Rather than focusing on loud patterns and busy designs, people wanted styles that were minimal and sleek.

The 2010s

While the modern trend is still in full force, we begin to see time repeat itself. Technology is still driving households, incorporating electronics in all aspects. However, home design is starting to feel more ‘homey’ than the typical modern design. Retro lifestyles are becoming popular as people are focusing more on personal cultural preferences rather than the status quo. Interior design in the 2010s is something that feels more like home, as every house is very different.

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