Rugs: Picking the Right Material

Rugs are often the centerpiece of the living room, tying the other design elements together. They come in countless patterns, textures, colors, and materials to give you endless combinations of living room designs. One aspect of a rug that can make or break your aesthetic is the material. Wool rugs can make your home feel warm and cozy, while bamboo slat rugs can bring a natural aesthetic to any room. Today, Ellecor Interior Design helps you pick the perfect rug for your living room design.

Types of Rug Material

Rugs come in a wide variety of materials to match any desired feel in your home design. Some of these styles of rugs can be plush and soft, giving a warm look to the room, while some are durable and sleek for a more industrial feel. Your living room design should be cohesive, so not just any rug material will work! Some common rug materials are: 

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk and Viscose
  • Jute and Sisal
  • Bamboo Slat and Seagrass
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene

Each of these materials brings a new element to your living room design. Take factors such as texture, durability, and aesthetic into consideration before buying your next rug!

Match Your Living Room Design

Living rooms are often the main gathering spot in a home. A rug is a subtle centerpiece that will be one of the main focus points of the room. It is essential to ensure it compliments the color scheme and design of furniture and decor. It’s not uncommon to plan an entire living room design around the pattern, color, and material of a rug! Contacting an interior designer is a great place to start if you are unsure about a rug. These designers can offer advice on how to make the right decision to tie the room together.  

Finding the Perfect Spot

Before deciding on a material, you need to know where you plan on putting the rug. Depending on where you place it, you will need to purchase a material that can accommodate the traffic and usage. If you plan on putting the rug in a high foot-traffic area, look for a material such as seagrass or jute. However, if this will be a casual rug for the center of the room, wool would be a better choice. 

Other Factors to Consider

Material isn’t the only thing to consider when you are looking to purchase a rug. Size, pattern, color, and durability are all factors that need to be accounted for before making a purchase. Certain patterns bring about different emotions or emphasize different design elements. For example, a colorful and bright floral pattern pairs with a bohemian-styled room, while a monochromatic beige rug pairs well with a minimalist aesthetic.

Make the Decision Easy With Ellecor Interior Design

Ellecor Interior Design can help you choose the perfect rug for your living room, kitchen, foyer, and more, with the help of our professional interior designers. Ellecor has a wide variety of specialty rugs available to purchase inside our store at 623 S Pickwick Ave here in Springfield, Missouri! We are happy to partner with you for your next renovation and redesign to give you the home design of your dreams. Contact us today to make an appointment!



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