Spring Cleaning Guide for Home Decor in Springfield, MO

Spring is here! It’s time for an annual spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to get your home organized and start fresh. Spring cleaning can feel like an overwhelming task, but you can have a neat home in no time with these helpful tips. At Ellecor Interior Design, we specialize in designing homes and spaces to match your needs. If you’re looking to renew your home for the season, check out our spring cleaning guide for your home decor in Springfield, MO. 

Declutter Your Space 

The first step for your spring cleaning checklist is decluttering the area. Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring joy into your life. This includes clothes, old electronics, books, and items collecting dust in your home. Once you have decluttered everything, it will be much easier to clean the rest of your house.

Work Room-to-Room 

Cleaning an entire home from start to finish sounds like a lot. Focus on one room at a time to make it simpler. Pick a room and work your way from top to bottom. Start with clutter and trash and afterward, sweep, mop, and wipe down dusty areas.

If you are having trouble sorting through certain items, organize them into piles. Make a keep pile, a donations pile, and a pile for miscellaneous items. Working this way will make cleaning your home decor in Springfield, MO, less stressful.

Dust Every Inch of Your Home 

Dust bunnies lurk in tiny unseen spaces of your home. Ensure you are dusting thoroughly and hitting hard-to-reach places like high shelves, ceiling fans, lampshades, window blinds, etc. Work from top-to-bottom and collect all dust particles that fall to the floor. 

Check Labels and Tags Before Tackling Sensitive Furniture Items. 

Not all fabrics are alike. Some materials are more sensitive than others, and cleaning methods vary between materials like cloth and leather. It’s essential to use the proper cleaning solutions for your home decor in Springfield, MO. Reference the owner’s manual or cleaning label attached if you are unsure if something is safe for your furniture. Cleaning code examples include: 

  • W: use a water-based cleaning agent. 
  • S: never use water. Water-free solvents only. 
  • S/W: cleaning products with and without water are safe to use.
  • X: never use water, foam, or any liquid agent to clean material. Light brushing and vacuuming only

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Renew Your Space With Ellecor Interior Design

A mother and daughter are spring-cleaning in a light and airy living room. At Ellecor, we help you start fresh for the spring season. We design and customize spaces to match your style and make your home feel like you. From furniture selection to color coordination, we do it all. Choose from contemporary pieces, vintage sets, wall art, throws, and more. Whether it’s a single space or an entire home, we bring your design vision to life. Visit us online or stop by our storefront in Springfield, MO. 




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