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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It should be a space that lets you craft beautiful meals for yourself and your family. For about 20 years, stainless steel appliances have been at the forefront of kitchen interior design. Refrigerators, microwaves, hoods, sinks, light fixtures, and dishwashers all come in stainless steel. Today’s blog from Ellecor looks at some tips and tricks for kitchen interior design when you love professional-grade, stainless steel appliances. 

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Wood represents an aesthetic counterpoint to stainless steel. Whereas steel is metallic and hard, wood creates a softer tone thanks to the natural grain and protective stain or paint. Wood can be any color you choose in kitchen interior design. Neutral tones work best for stainless steel appliances, so think about beige, light brown, or medium-brown colors. Reddish-brown can also work here for cabinets and walls.


Granite countertops, like stainless steel appliances, provide a professional look for kitchen interior design. Think about gray or cream granite. Gray complements the silvery tone of stainless steel, while cream offsets it and complements the wood.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are perfect for a stainless steel kitchen. Backsplashes of ceramic tile allow endless possibilities for patterns and colors. Again, neutral tones work best here. Or, if you want something showier, consider colors that draw the eye like red, yellow, orange, blue, and green. A cohesive kitchen interior design can incorporate your favorite vibrant colors.


Flooring comes in tons of varieties. Stone tiles work wonders, and they complement the ceramic tiles of the backsplash. Wood flooring may come into play here to create a cohesive look with the cabinetry and walls. Large tiles in earth tones of brown, cream, and black lighten the room.


Lighting for kitchen interior design should be bright because you need to see the food you’re preparing. LEDs offer bright light, whether you choose stainless steel fixtures or more traditional looks. Industrial-style lighting, in dull gray, dark brown, or black, provides an eclectic look while complementing the stainless steel for kitchen interior design.

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Ellecor and Kitchen Interior Design

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