Bring the Outside Inside With Design Ideas for Natural Elements in Home Decor

White flowers on tree branches in a vase from a top view

Using natural elements in your interior design serves several purposes. Natural elements add life to your interior space, contribute vibrant and fresh colors, and create a cheerful feeling during the dark, cold days of winter. Today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design encourages you to bring the outside inside with design ideas for natural elements in home decor.

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Water Fountain

In feng shui, water fountains symbolize prosperity and wealth. Think of the water as money flowing into your bank account. The trickling sounds of water represent a relaxing mountain stream as you wander through unspoiled wilderness. Your fountain evokes images of a serene natural area.

Home decor choices for water fountains run the gamut from small tabletop designs to large, freestanding structures. Some fountains bring in more nature, such as rocks, wood, or bamboo. Others are much more modern with steel and metal elements.


Real plants are much like water fountains in home decor. You can go minimalist or all-out. Small succulents fit neatly on a shelf or wall, and they require very little maintenance while adding splashes of green at points throughout the room. Larger plants, such as bamboo palms, make for showier displays of green. Bamboo palms grow anywhere from 4 to 12 feet tall.

For colors other than green, flowers are a great choice. Orchids are tropical plants that need warm conditions and lots of light to grow. Lilies, geraniums, begonias, and African violets are also fantastic choices for indoor plants.


Rock and stone are natural elements in home decor that add a sense of strength and timelessness. Consider an unobtrusive fossil that sits on your bookshelf to break up the monotony of book after book. If you love colorful rocks, geodes add hues of purple, brown, and blue. These gorgeous crystal formations range in size from a baseball to a small boulder.

The Beach

We all want a beach vacation at some point in our lives. Bring the beach to your home with seashells, especially in your bathroom. Purchase a dedicated plate or tray, and arrange the shells in your favorite pattern. Shells come in mostly earth tones, but some can be blue, green, or purple. 

Sand is another beachy element that works well for natural interior design. Look for a stylish hourglass filled with sand. Better yet, take that dream vacation to Costa Rica or Hawaii, fill a Mason jar with sand, and bring it home to set on your dresser as a reminder of the fun you had. Indoor zen gardens bring it all together thanks to a tray filled with sand, small rocks, and maybe even some moss.

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