How to Display Textile Art in Your Home by Ellecor

Textile artwork is a hidden gem that will spice up your home appearance if displayed correctly. Hanging textile art is not as apparent as hanging a painting or picture frame. We believe balance is the key to any interior design or home decor project. Let’s also remember; less is always more. Many forms of textile art cater to each home designer’s personality and individualism.  


Aside from finding suitable artwork, portraying that piece to its brightest and most admiral capacity also poses a challenge at times. Ellecor Interior Design will demonstrate the most effective ways to display textile art for an aesthetically pleasing home enchantment in today’s blog. 




When it comes to a picture, painting, or form of artwork, location is the first thought that should come to mind. At Ellecor, we believe that the preservation of art is just as important as presentation. When displaying your textile work, you want to ensure it is away from any exposure to direct sunlight or a moist environment. 


Over time, overexposed artwork can absorb sunlight, causing pigment damage and color fading. If there is no way to avoid direct sun exposure, investing in a UV-protected glass frame is a potential option. Similarly, a moist environment creates opportunistic bacteria and mold to attach to the artwork destroying it in the long run. Hanging your art in an optimal location with the perfect conditions is the best way to get the fullest enjoyment out of your display. 


Wall Decor


The most obvious and common way to display textile art is to hang it on a wall. A few things to take into consideration are the size and weight of your art piece. Heavier pieces will require fixes and screws; experienced Ellecor personnel can assist if you believe your artwork requires professional mounting.  


You do not want your art piece too high or low but centered at average eye level for you and your guests to enjoy. 


Headboard Display 


There is nothing more calming than entering your room and catching a lovely display of art above your bed area. Textiles are common substitutes for headboards and offer an enriched presence to any room. 


Tapestries, rugs, and throw blankets are all favorable pieces of textile art that typically will not over-stretch the budget. Thicker textiles are better options to avoid wall transparency. 


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We love the idea of draping here at Ellecor! Draping art is an attractive way to exhibit the artwork uniquely. Draping over a dresser, a large mirror, ladder, or even a picture frame are great alternatives to hanging your art piece on a wall. 


Let the Ellecor Interior Design Team Select Your Next Textile Piece


Whether you’re designing your dream home or picking your next staple piece, let the Ellecor Interior Design Team service you and your home decor needs. Contact us online or call (417)-720-2602 for more information from an award-winning company! 



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