How to Display Textile Art in Your Home by Ellecor

Textile artwork is a hidden gem that will spice up your home appearance if displayed correctly. Hanging textile art is not as apparent as hanging a painting or picture frame. We believe balance is the key to any interior design or home decor project. Let’s also remember; less is always more. Many forms of textile art cater to each home designer’s personality and individualism.  


Aside from finding suitable artwork, portraying that piece to its brightest and most admiral capacity also poses a challenge at times. Ellecor Interior Design will demonstrate the most effective ways to display textile art for an aesthetically pleasing home enchantment in today’s blog. 




When it comes to a picture, painting, or form of artwork, location is the first thought that should come to mind. At Ellecor, we believe that the preservation of art is just as important as presentation. When displaying your textile work, you want to ensure it is away from any exposure to direct sunlight or a moist environment. 


Over time, overexposed artwork can absorb sunlight, causing pigment damage and color fading. If there is no way to avoid direct sun exposure, investing in a UV-protected glass frame is a potential option. Similarly, a moist environment creates opportunistic bacteria and mold to attach to the artwork destroying it in the long run. Hanging your art in an optimal location with the perfect conditions is the best way to get the fullest enjoyment out of your display. 


Wall Decor


The most obvious and common way to display textile art is to hang it on a wall. A few things to take into consideration are the size and weight of your art piece. Heavier pieces will require fixes and screws; experienced Ellecor personnel can assist if you believe your artwork requires professional mounting.  


You do not want your art piece too high or low but centered at average eye level for you and your guests to enjoy. 


Headboard Display 


There is nothing more calming than entering your room and catching a lovely display of art above your bed area. Textiles are common substitutes for headboards and offer an enriched presence to any room. 


Tapestries, rugs, and throw blankets are all favorable pieces of textile art that typically will not over-stretch the budget. Thicker textiles are better options to avoid wall transparency. 


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We love the idea of draping here at Ellecor! Draping art is an attractive way to exhibit the artwork uniquely. Draping over a dresser, a large mirror, ladder, or even a picture frame are great alternatives to hanging your art piece on a wall. 


Let the Ellecor Interior Design Team Select Your Next Textile Piece


Whether you’re designing your dream home or picking your next staple piece, let the Ellecor Interior Design Team service you and your home decor needs. Contact us online or call (417)-720-2602 for more information from an award-winning company! 

Interior Design Ideas for Desks

Stylish Desk in a Home Office

Setting up a home workspace can be difficult. Especially if you, like so many people this year, also have other people working from home under the same roof. Setting up a shared home office for both partners and roommates requires much creativity, even more so if there is little to no space for multiple workspaces. 

Today we at Ellecor have put together some of our favorite home office ideas. Making the tried and true office space that can maximize productivity a comfortable and inviting space is the balance we all strive to achieve.

Maximize Your Space

Especially where multiple people need to have space to do their job effectively, this is crucial. When putting two desks in the same room, there is a stylish way to design this layout. 

This shared home office design has space for two people, but each person has their own space. The two desks do not face each other, but you can easily collaborate and chat all day long while spinning in a swivel chair. 

A shelf with an open wall means enough space to store two people’s things, allowing each person to display their books and decorations. However, the shelves across the border should have overlapping styles or shared styles, and the type of the shelves does not feel too negotiable.

Get Creative 

However, if you’re one of the lucky ones with an abundance of space to play with, you have far more freedom to design your space. In this case, a dream home office scenario exists. Wherever your area, whether it be a completed garage, family room, or large bedroom, you can make it work to your advantage. 

With space to spread out, place each desk on opposite walls and separate the room into shelves so that each person feels as if they have their area. 

Create a Space for Guests to Sit

To provide you with collaborative space, put a sitting area or coffee table in the middle of the room. It’s a great place to collaborate on projects, enjoy coffee in the morning, or prepare an art project for kids who end their video calls in your office every day. 

Adding a rug under the table and a pendant light above it is a great way to make this a room destination rather than just a random floating table. Because this space is so spacious, paint the accent walls to make it feel more dramatic and purposefully designed.

Ellecor’s Interior Design Work for You

Whether you’re pressed for space or have more room than you know what to do with, we have the ideas and the skill to bring it to life. So say goodbye to cramped workspaces and sore necks from working from the couch, and hello to the freedom of a beautifully designed home office. 

Here at Ellecor, we care about your interior design questions. So if you have any further inquiries on how to balance your home with artwork, please contact us. Ellecor Interior Design can help! Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation!

Interested in a Nautical Theme? We Have Some Interior Design Tips

Nautical Theme Interior Design

The whimsical design of a marine-themed home will never fall out of style. This style, dubbed ‘nautical’ by interior enthusiasts everywhere, has beach junkies and interior design fiends alike swooning. Our experts at Ellecor will discuss some interior design tips for those interested in embracing this fun summer theme in today’s blog.

Show It Don’t Say It

Beach-inspired colors and textiles create a sea vision. Different sensory additions can make a sound and scent-related atmosphere. When completed with voyage-related accessories and simple natural furniture, this all works together to provide a relaxing atmosphere in every nautical-themed room. 

With a simple beach-themed interior design, you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away, no matter where you are.

Add Some Beach Vibes

Try using attractive decorative elements like starfish, stripes, anchors, and sea stars, as well as natural fabrics and furniture types that add coastal sophistication to your rooms. 

Coastal bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces can be easily created by applying the suitable styles and applying some vital home interior design elements with a nautical twist.

Repurpose Your Current Interior Pieces

When designing a nautical-themed room, you don’t have to start from scratch. You need to introduce some characteristic features that grasp the freshness of the sea to your space. Have fun with your creative ideas while incorporating some of these appropriate decorative elements. 

For example, the striped blue and white pattern can give you a touch of nautical house design when used in any room setting. Choose striped fabrics for window treatments, rugs, wall coverings, or furniture fittings. Other colors are restricted, but the red carpet and decorative items look attractive when placed next to the typical white and blue stripes. 

The Starfish

The starfish is also an ideal decoration feature for sea-themed bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to add beach air. You can put some starfish on the shelves as decoration or hang them on the wall like wallpaper. 

If starfish aren’t your style, vintage charts and voyage maps are the perfect way to incorporate travel and the sea into rooms to substitute traditional works of art. Shop for these prints in these second-hand stores or online. Then, add a bit of an upscale twist by having them framed, which will provide a room with classic design features. 

Beach Colors

When it comes to colors, consider the shades that best represent the ocean and the natural shades on the beach. In addition, many shades of white are perfect for accentuating all other colors selected for the voyage single-family design. 

White is a more subtle shade that pairs with light grey or a smaller blue and can be all shades, from pale aqua to dark navy. Other colors, such as reds or corals, are often used in small doses combined with natural dyes.

Ellecor Lives For Nautical Themes

The theme for your home should reflect your style and decorate the space you always want to come home to. Here at Ellecor, we are partial to anything that brings a hint of the ocean to the midwest. So whenever you’re ready to have a little help getting started, contact us online or call (417) 720-2602.

How to Add Tasteful Artwork to Rooms for Great Interior Design

Natural Bridge Home Ellecor Interior Design 49 Living Room Hearth View

According to Sophia, “Balance in art refers to the sense of distribution of perceived visual weights that offset one another. We feel more comfortable–and therefore find it more pleasing–when the parts of an artwork seem to balance each other.” 

We couldn’t agree more here at Ellecor!

We believe interior design is all about balance. The balance of your in-home artwork is part of our journey to provide you the home of your dreams.

 In today’s blog, the Ellecor design team covers important details to consider when adding artwork to your home.

Simplicity Is Elegant

Simplicity is the best way to find balance. Whether it’s one large painting above the sofa, a large light fixture, or a few well-placed vases, balance is key. Overdoing it will hurt the budget and create an atmosphere that is busy compared to relaxing. 

Consider the Colors

Selecting the right artwork is important when it comes to balancing the atmosphere of your home. Using the rainbow colors (ROY G BIV) helps to show appropriate color groups. Pulling one color of the opposite grouping to pair with every two colors of the same grouping equals a balance color blend. 

Examples include:

  • Orange, yellow, and blue
  • Yellow, Green, and Violet
  • Red, Indigo, and Violet

Pairing neutrals like grey, beige, tan, white, and black help to add an inclusive touch to the bold colors picked above. 

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If you feel a grouping of three colors is too much, then choosing to take an opposite approach, while focusing on a neutral heavy look with one complementary bold color, is a great way to go as well.

Ellecor’s Interior Design Work for You

Here at Ellecor, we care about your interior design questions. If you have any further inquiries on how to balance your home with artwork, please contact us. Ellecor Interior Design can help! Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation!

Thoughts to Consider When Choosing Your Next Ceiling Fan

a-loft-4 Loft view with bricks, couch, ceiling fan and two chairs ellecor

Oftentimes, one specific piece can enliven or cinch in a space. Think couches, wall art, or fireplaces as room-enhancing items. 

But this isn’t always the case. 

When it comes to home renovation or redecorating, you may find integrated parts of the space like light fixtures, shelves, walls, or ceiling fans that make a difference. In today’s blog, Ellecor’s interior design team will cover all things to consider when it comes to updating the ceiling fans in your home.

The Style Your Home Currently Reflects

For people who love to redecorate (like us), the average home goes through redecorations twice every eight years. This usually occurs when trends change over time and homeowners want a new and refreshed look. When considering updating a piece of furniture that is a staple within your home, it is important to consider your taste and how it might evolve with time. 

Most individuals don’t change everything in their home when they redecorate. They change key pieces that attract the eye and a few staple items. 

When it comes to an item as consistent as a ceiling fan, it’s important to look at pieces like:

  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • The material found on accents and legs of these pieces of furniture (wood, metal, plastic, etc..)
  • Dining sets
  • Trim color throughout your house


Ceiling fans normally stay consistent within your home. They will not change with the seasons, and they most likely won’t receive a ton of attention outside of summer or warm weather. 

Unless of course you use them as an overall theme enhancer. 

An excellent way to do this would be to install low-profile fans, and then place diffusers with essential oils in each room. Following that, turn the ceiling fan on a low speed to allow your scents to permeate your home. 

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This being said, ceiling fans represent one key to pulling together the scene you want to present to your family and guests.. 

If you choose one style of fan, it is important to stay consistent with the style and fluctuate on the color. Or stay consistent with the color and fluctuate on the style. Small details like these allow the room flow to be cohesive throughout the home. 

Current Market Trends

It’s important to consider current trends when it comes to your fan of choice. You should think about the style and also price. Items that are beginning to slightly age out of the market trend are more affordable than items that are currently the hot ticket item that is in high demand. 

Thrift Stores/Overflow Shops

If you do find yourself crushing on a piece that you simply cannot let go of, but the price might be too high, check overflow shops or local surplus/thrift shops that focus on home redecorating. 

Head over to places like:

  • Overstock
  • Wayfair
  • Amazon
  • Dirla’s -if you’re wanting to go local!

These are places that often have overflow stock of the current trending items at more affordable prices.

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Ellecor & Home Interior Design

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Using Interior Design to Decorate Your House for Valentine’s Day

Luxurious room decorated for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day happens every year, and it’s a wonderful time to decorate your home following the winter holiday season. If you’re into seasonal decor, Ellecor has some tips for using interior design to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day. 

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Don’t Forget Brown Hues

Red is the color of love and Valentine’s Day. But don’t forget to balance the red hearts with some chocolate-colored accents. Let’s say you have a beige couch. You accent the couch with some red and pink pillows on either end. Balance the red hues with a brown throw rug draped over the back of the couch for a subtle interior design choice.

Scentfully Delicious

Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all of its forms. Enhance your interior design with scents of chocolate and roses. There are many brands and types of incense, candles, and essential oils that make your home smell like the holiday. You can even complement other love-themed decor with Valentine’s Day diffusers. Candles add a romantic flair.

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Wreaths and Centerpieces

A wreath turns an ordinary door into a seasonal-decor focal point with just a single item. Welcome people to your home with a seasonal wreath filled with colors, bows, adornments, and trinkets. 

Centerpieces aren’t just for the dining room. You can add a flower arrangement to a coffee table, end table, dresser, empty shelf, or as a standalone piece along a wall.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Your dining room and kitchen offer fantastic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with inspired interior design. Red napkins with matching placemats signify the colors of the season, while fluted wine glasses make an elegant impression. 

In the kitchen, think of red fruits and vegetables to complement chocolates and champagne. Apples, cherries, radishes, tomatoes, and pomegranates all have varying shades of red.

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Ellecor & Home Interior Design

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How to Make a Home Cozy in Winter With Interior Design Choices

Cozy living room with throw blankets on sofa and rocking chair

It’s winter in the Ozarks. That means hot chocolate, getting cozy by the fireplace, cuddling up with a good book, and staying warm in your home. Warmth is about more than just the temperature. Warmth is a mindset when it comes to interior design. Today’s blog from Ellecor talks about making a cozy home in winter.

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Throw Blankets

Want an easy way to cozy up your furniture? A few throw blankets can do the trick for interior design. If you enjoy color, find colorful wool blankets to add a splash of color here and there. Feel free to use the blankets to cuddle up when you’re watching your favorite movie next to your sweetie.

Textile Artwork

Think about textile artwork for a few unique elements in your home. Tapestries hang on the wall, and they can be any size. You can even place small pieces on a bookshelf, over a rack, or on a little-used item.

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Add Comforters to Beds

Comforters serve two purposes: to keep you warm and spruce up your bed. Choose a neutral color to complement the rest of your bedroom. Or go for something colorful with bright and cheery hues such as yellow, orange, or bright green. Renewed interior design doesn’t require a lot of overhauls to completely change a room.

Faux Furs

Do you enjoy cottage or rustic style? Faux furs can add to the appeal of your home with white, tan, brown, and black hues. Harken back to another time when hunting and trapping were ways of life with faux rabbit pelts or fur rugs.

Bare Wood Elements

Rather than painted wood, go for stained or bare wood objects here and there for your home’s interior design. Stand-alone shelves, small sculptures, and reclaimed wood furniture such as an end table can instantly change a room to give it a cozy feeling.

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Can Scents Enhance Interior Design?

Incense resin burning on a hot coal

Does the smell of roses conjure up images of a romantic moment with your sweetie? What about the aroma of warm, baked cookies for the holidays? These types of scents appeal to your memories, which is why they’re important to the design of your home.

Interior design should appeal to as many senses as possible to create serenity and harmony. Sight is important when it comes to colors and lighting. Textures of fabrics, cabinets, tables, and countertops can all stimulate your sense of touch. Hearing the trickle of water from a fountain can help you relax as if you’re outdoors.

What about your sense of smell? Today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design answers the question, “Can scents enhance interior design?”

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Why Scents Are Essential

Scents play a vital role in the interior design of your home. The trick is to have different fragrances for different rooms.

Our sense of smell has several purposes for interior design. Smells stimulate the limbic system in the brain, the same part of the brain associated with emotions, feelings, and memories. Scents and aromas trigger emotional reactions, which is why peaceful scents play a vital role in interior design. Scents also enhance our moods.

Strategically Place Scents in Various Rooms

Different rooms in the house should have various feelings associated with them. 

Calming in the bedroom. Your bedroom is a sanctuary of calm and peace for a good night’s rest, so interior design is important here. Lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine, jasmine, and lemon all have a calming effect.

Fresh in the kitchen and dining room. Try not to compete with the rich aromas of food in the kitchen or dining room. Think of fresh notes like floral, herbaceous, or citrus scents like honey, bergamot, rosemary, thyme, and pear.

Clean in the bathroom and laundry room. Rooms where clean is the norm should have clean smells. Linen, cucumber, mandarin, geranium, and freesia are all excellent ways to go for aromatic interior design.

Set the mood in your living room and den. The living room and den are the two rooms where you can really mix it up. Cedar, lily, passion fruit, mango, sandalwood, and your favorite aromas are ideal for these places where you watch TV, talk on the phone, and host parties.

How to Get Fantastic Aromas

You have several ways to achieve the right level of scents for different rooms of the home, and all are widely available. Plug-ins are a popular choice. Beeswax candles have a romantic effect for the dining room or bedroom. Incense works well in the living room. Essential oil diffusers work quickly and effectively just about anywhere.

One thing to remember is that aromas can get concentrated very quickly. If you find the concentration of a particular smell is too much, scale it back or try a different aroma. It’s always fun to experiment with various scents to see what works best for your home’s interior design!

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How to Incorporate Natural Light Into Your Home Decor

Ellecor Interior Design Natural Light

Natural light does wonders for your home. Not only does it make your home more cheerful, but it can also save on your utility bills by reducing your electrical use for lights and even your furnace during the winter months. Today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design showcases how to incorporate natural light into your home decor.

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Make the Most of Your Windows

When it comes to windows, you have to make the best use of your existing home design. Whether you have ordinary windows, huge bay windows, or a wall of windows, make the most of them in your home decor. If you want a small window to provide extra natural light, consider lightly-colored sheer drapes that gather sunlight and create a warm glow around the window.

Bright or Dark Colors

Bright colors reflect more light and keep a room cooler. Dark colors absorb more light and generate more heat. As such, bright colors will enhance the natural light from your windows and make the interior space look brighter. Darker colors have the opposite effect for home decor. You can achieve either result with paint on the walls, carpeting, or furniture.


Mirrors offer a great way to increase the natural light in your room. Mirrors also create the illusion of more space. The more mirrors you have, the more you can play with the natural light. Wall mirrors work great for this, but you don’t necessarily need a huge mirror to make an impact. A small mirror opposite of your windows can make a difference in your home decor using natural light.

Brighten the Most Occupied Rooms

During the day, the most occupied rooms in a family home are the living room, kitchen, and dining areas. Think about maximizing the use of natural light in these places for home decor. Think bright or sheer curtains, minimal window treatments, and mirrors. South-facing walls are particularly good if you love natural light.

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Home Decor & Interior Design by Ellecor

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Do You Love Lofts? Ellecor Has Some Interior Design Tips

Ellecor Interior Design Lofts 6

Do you love lofts? You see this design cropping up more and more in older buildings. Think former industrial spaces transformed into apartments that make the best use of the original space. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we explore some interior design tips for lofts.

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Incorporate Natural Materials

What do you think of first when you envision a loft? Do red brick walls come to mind? Bricks are made of clay, a mineral material found in the Earth. Consider incorporating natural materials into the interior design of your loft. Think stone, wood, plants, flowers, or water features.

Go for Industrial Style

Loft living takes into account the industrial style of the place. Many elements of the loft are open and exposed, like beams, ductwork, pipes, and conduits, all of which add to the appeal of your loft.  Go all-out with this theme by having industrial elements for interior design choices. Gray or black metal, Edison-style bulbs, spotlights, cars, planes, engine parts, photos of cityscapes, and the like are all appropriate.

Complement What’s There

Choose interior designs that complement what you have on hand. Do you have red or brown bricks? Think about other earth tones like green, dark orange, gray, and reddish-brown. Do you have overhead beams? Think about track lighting or hanging artwork. 

Contrast a Bit

Yes, earth tones rule in a loft space, but you can add contrast to your interior design choices as well. Think about a throw pillow in bright sky blue to contrast red brick. How about a sunshine-yellow comforter on top of your bed to brighten the dark metal staircase leading up to the loft? All you need is a splash of color to change a room instantly.

Brighten With Lights

You probably envision a darker loft space because of the exposed walls and the industrial building as a whole. Brighten the space with lighting, whether you incorporate an industrial theme or not. Spotlights and Edison-style bulbs complement an industrial theme. Floor lamps add light to a dark corner. Feel free to use mirrors to create an illusion of more space and more light.

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