Interested in a Nautical Theme? We Have Some Interior Design Tips

Nautical Theme Interior Design

The whimsical design of a marine-themed home will never fall out of style. This style, dubbed ‘nautical’ by interior enthusiasts everywhere, has beach junkies and interior design fiends alike swooning. Our experts at Ellecor will discuss some interior design tips for those interested in embracing this fun summer theme in today’s blog.

Show It Don’t Say It

Beach-inspired colors and textiles create a sea vision. Different sensory additions can make a sound and scent-related atmosphere. When completed with voyage-related accessories and simple natural furniture, this all works together to provide a relaxing atmosphere in every nautical-themed room. 

With a simple beach-themed interior design, you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away, no matter where you are.

Add Some Beach Vibes

Try using attractive decorative elements like starfish, stripes, anchors, and sea stars, as well as natural fabrics and furniture types that add coastal sophistication to your rooms. 

Coastal bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces can be easily created by applying the suitable styles and applying some vital home interior design elements with a nautical twist.

Repurpose Your Current Interior Pieces

When designing a nautical-themed room, you don’t have to start from scratch. You need to introduce some characteristic features that grasp the freshness of the sea to your space. Have fun with your creative ideas while incorporating some of these appropriate decorative elements. 

For example, the striped blue and white pattern can give you a touch of nautical house design when used in any room setting. Choose striped fabrics for window treatments, rugs, wall coverings, or furniture fittings. Other colors are restricted, but the red carpet and decorative items look attractive when placed next to the typical white and blue stripes. 

The Starfish

The starfish is also an ideal decoration feature for sea-themed bedrooms and bathrooms where you want to add beach air. You can put some starfish on the shelves as decoration or hang them on the wall like wallpaper. 

If starfish aren’t your style, vintage charts and voyage maps are the perfect way to incorporate travel and the sea into rooms to substitute traditional works of art. Shop for these prints in these second-hand stores or online. Then, add a bit of an upscale twist by having them framed, which will provide a room with classic design features. 

Beach Colors

When it comes to colors, consider the shades that best represent the ocean and the natural shades on the beach. In addition, many shades of white are perfect for accentuating all other colors selected for the voyage single-family design. 

White is a more subtle shade that pairs with light grey or a smaller blue and can be all shades, from pale aqua to dark navy. Other colors, such as reds or corals, are often used in small doses combined with natural dyes.

Ellecor Lives For Nautical Themes

The theme for your home should reflect your style and decorate the space you always want to come home to. Here at Ellecor, we are partial to anything that brings a hint of the ocean to the midwest. So whenever you’re ready to have a little help getting started, contact us online or call (417) 720-2602.



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