Interior Design Ideas for Desks

Stylish Desk in a Home Office

Setting up a home workspace can be difficult. Especially if you, like so many people this year, also have other people working from home under the same roof. Setting up a shared home office for both partners and roommates requires much creativity, even more so if there is little to no space for multiple workspaces. 

Today we at Ellecor have put together some of our favorite home office ideas. Making the tried and true office space that can maximize productivity a comfortable and inviting space is the balance we all strive to achieve.

Maximize Your Space

Especially where multiple people need to have space to do their job effectively, this is crucial. When putting two desks in the same room, there is a stylish way to design this layout. 

This shared home office design has space for two people, but each person has their own space. The two desks do not face each other, but you can easily collaborate and chat all day long while spinning in a swivel chair. 

A shelf with an open wall means enough space to store two people’s things, allowing each person to display their books and decorations. However, the shelves across the border should have overlapping styles or shared styles, and the type of the shelves does not feel too negotiable.

Get Creative 

However, if you’re one of the lucky ones with an abundance of space to play with, you have far more freedom to design your space. In this case, a dream home office scenario exists. Wherever your area, whether it be a completed garage, family room, or large bedroom, you can make it work to your advantage. 

With space to spread out, place each desk on opposite walls and separate the room into shelves so that each person feels as if they have their area. 

Create a Space for Guests to Sit

To provide you with collaborative space, put a sitting area or coffee table in the middle of the room. It’s a great place to collaborate on projects, enjoy coffee in the morning, or prepare an art project for kids who end their video calls in your office every day. 

Adding a rug under the table and a pendant light above it is a great way to make this a room destination rather than just a random floating table. Because this space is so spacious, paint the accent walls to make it feel more dramatic and purposefully designed.

Ellecor’s Interior Design Work for You

Whether you’re pressed for space or have more room than you know what to do with, we have the ideas and the skill to bring it to life. So say goodbye to cramped workspaces and sore necks from working from the couch, and hello to the freedom of a beautifully designed home office. 

Here at Ellecor, we care about your interior design questions. So if you have any further inquiries on how to balance your home with artwork, please contact us. Ellecor Interior Design can help! Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation!



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