Spring Interior Design Trends for 2023

With spring around the corner, it’s time to freshen our spaces with new designs. We’ve broken down some of our favorite trends we expect to see in the spring of 2023. 

Feel free to incorporate these trends into your own space or read on for inspiration!

Use More Color

We’ve seen a huge trend in people moving away from cool-toned white and grey colors and choosing warm, dramatic colors and undertones. 

Don’t let this shift scare you if you’re a minimalist enthusiast. A neutral palette with warm undertones can keep things visually simple while still brightening a room.  

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Another growing trend in color is embracing dark and dramatic paint – think jade green and dark blues. We’ve all heard that dark colors make a space smaller, but when done right, these colors can add dimension to a room. 

If you’re hesitant about going all out with darker paints, consider incorporating them into something smaller. You can still achieve a minimalist space while using these colors strategically. Painting your cabinets and accent walls is a fantastic way to add visual interest to an area and incorporate more color. 

Use Organic Materials  

Another trend we love is organic materials used in inside spaces. Materials like wood, linen, and wool are often incorporated into interior design. 

Natural materials can lend a big hand in making a space feel more comfortable and welcoming. Working these materials into your home is also a fantastic way to add more texture and visual interest to a room. 

Adding houseplants with terracotta or woven pots or throw pillows with natural fabrics is an easy and affordable way to work more natural materials into a room.

Even organic-styled shapes are rising in popularity. Designers and decorators opt for soft, rounded furniture to make spaces comfortable. Embracing organic shapes is an excellent way to incorporate a natural feel into a room. 

Move Away from Cookie Cutter 

As we spend more of our time working a relaxing at home, it makes sense to make our spaces feel personalized. 

Picking up re-sale and vintage pieces is growing in popularity. We’ve seen many clients decorate with family heirlooms and custom home furniture pieces. These unique items can make a space feel tailored to your specific taste and add character to your home. 

Looking for Design Inspiration? 

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