How to Add Tasteful Artwork to Rooms for Great Interior Design

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According to Sophia, “Balance in art refers to the sense of distribution of perceived visual weights that offset one another. We feel more comfortable–and therefore find it more pleasing–when the parts of an artwork seem to balance each other.” 

We couldn’t agree more here at Ellecor!

We believe interior design is all about balance. The balance of your in-home artwork is part of our journey to provide you the home of your dreams.

 In today’s blog, the Ellecor design team covers important details to consider when adding artwork to your home.

Simplicity Is Elegant

Simplicity is the best way to find balance. Whether it’s one large painting above the sofa, a large light fixture, or a few well-placed vases, balance is key. Overdoing it will hurt the budget and create an atmosphere that is busy compared to relaxing. 

Consider the Colors

Selecting the right artwork is important when it comes to balancing the atmosphere of your home. Using the rainbow colors (ROY G BIV) helps to show appropriate color groups. Pulling one color of the opposite grouping to pair with every two colors of the same grouping equals a balance color blend. 

Examples include:

  • Orange, yellow, and blue
  • Yellow, Green, and Violet
  • Red, Indigo, and Violet

Pairing neutrals like grey, beige, tan, white, and black help to add an inclusive touch to the bold colors picked above. 

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If you feel a grouping of three colors is too much, then choosing to take an opposite approach, while focusing on a neutral heavy look with one complementary bold color, is a great way to go as well.

Ellecor’s Interior Design Work for You

Here at Ellecor, we care about your interior design questions. If you have any further inquiries on how to balance your home with artwork, please contact us. Ellecor Interior Design can help! Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation!