Bringing In the New Year With Home Renovation? Ellecor Has the Interior Design Trends Down For 2022

The new year approaches, and the budding beginnings of resolutions hang in the air! One of our favorites at Ellecor Interior Design, is the resolution to freshen up the house! Maybe it’s a redecoration, or a full-on renovation–no matter the path taken, we’re here to support you! That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the projected top trend styles for 2022, so you can get a head start on your shopping for your home refresh! 



Vintage has been back baby, but it will shine even brighter in 2022 as it partners with the DIY movement. It’s time to hit your favorite thrift shops, junk shops, and family sheds to find those one-of-a-kind pieces that simply need a little bit of tender loving care. Refinish it yourself and you’re right on trend with the interior design trends of 2022! 


Warm Minimalism

Less is more, so we encourage you to take a “Does this bring me joy?” approach to your life, and Marie Kondo your home! Keep to clean lines and warm wood tones to give your space a sense of modern yet homey comfort. 

Interested in providing a contrast of tones? Believe it or not, replacing those granite countertops with marble or adding a marble accent with your warm-toned wood will introduce some spunk and character to your home. 


The Use of Space: Japandi

A beautiful balance of Japanese textures and colors with Scandinavian design materials brings forth the functionally beautiful style of Japandi. 

This style is perfect for inspiring a feeling of balance and connectedness within your home. It is all about maximizing the use of the space you have instead of building onto your home. This makes Japandi perfect for those seeking to be trendy on a budget!



The textures of your home are going to define its personality. Based on the projected interior design trends of 2022, Ellecor recommends setting a baseline of neutral and earth tones, such as greens and beiges, within your staple piece fabrics. Once this foundation has been established, we can highlight the neutrals of your home by picking textures that feel luxurious. Top picks that come to mind include velvet, microfibre, and plush faux furs. 



Black is in as your main accent color for neutrals. Feeling bold? Add a black accent wall or choose ebony wood for your furniture accent pieces. Feeling even bolder? Projections for interior design trends of 2022 also include small pops of color such as pink and orange with neutrals of beige and green with black accents. 

Creating a diverse, but balanced color palette will set your home apart from others as being richly defined in personality and experience.   


Natural Incorporation

Finally: Plants, Plants, Plants! It’s all about the plants for interior design trends of 2022. Choose whatever plants you want to compliment your luxurious neutral tones in your living space. 

Plants introduce extra oxygen which promotes more creativity and a feeling of being energized. Allow yourself to reset and to connect with those that matter most to you in your nursery of a living room. 

Let Ellecor Educate You On Interior Design Trends Of 2022

Ellecor cares about your peace of mind within your living space. This is why we specialize in custom home finishing, room planning, bedroom, kitchen, living room designs, and more. For more information on how we may serve you and your home, Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602. We can’t wait to see your dream home come to life. 

Nail Your Renovation With Eclectic Interior Design Choices

Eclectic interior design bedroom

Eclectic style doesn’t mean throwing together a bunch of random things into a room. You still have to make the design look fantastic and feel calming when you walk in. Ellecor Interior Design explains how to nail your renovation with eclectic interior design choices.

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Defining Eclectic Interior Design

Eclectic interior design means getting the room’s elements from a broad and diverse range of designs. For example, you may choose a neutral color palette that’s popular with contemporary design, but you also love to have black-and-white photos on the wall to denote the Victorian era. You might have a deer head over the door that typifies rustic style, and then you may have a coffee table from the 1950s for a mid-century modern flair.

Have One Unifying Color

Decide on a single color palette that unifies the entire room. Consider neutral tones, such as beige, gray, navy blue, or brown, that give the room a cohesive look. You can still add splashes of color here or there. But interior design usually relies on creating a space that’s pleasing to the eye and just feels good. Choosing the right unifying color is one significant way to do that.

Mix Different Textures

A unifying color palette brings it all together, but different textures set various elements apart in your room. Let’s say you have aqua as your color of choice, and you absolutely love an aqua couch you want as the centerpiece of the room. The couch has ordinary fabric on it. Off to the side, you have an ottoman in a matching color, but this piece has luxurious velvet on it for a classic look. In the corner, display a beautiful aqua-blue Phalaenopsis Orchid arrangement that picks up the unifying color. On the opposite wall is a miniature car model of the ‘57 Chevy your father had when you were a kid. The metal car model has an aqua paint job. In this example, you maintain the same color throughout the room but have various textures.

Use Space Wisely

Eclectic doesn’t mean cluttered. Rather than display every piece in a single room, rotate your collections. Consider seasonal options and rotate items every three months. When you go over your space considerations, lay out things in order of priority with larger pieces first. Go with the flooring/carpet/rugs, followed by walls and shelving. Then get into furniture, chairs, tables, and lamps before filling in with art, wall hangings, knickknacks, mementos, and photos. Start big and work down to smaller items. Imagine the layout and take measurements before buying physical items. Don’t be afraid to leave empty spaces or spend time finding that one perfect item.

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Interior Design by Ellecor

Need help making your eclectic interior design tastes come together? Perhaps you and your significant other have different eyes for aesthetics and you need a way to blend both of them. Our team can help. Contact Ellecor Interior Design today or call (417) 720-2602 for more information.