The Magic of Sightlines in Kitchen and Living Room Design

Modern open kitchen layout with neutral colors

When it comes to modern home design, creating sightlines in your kitchen and living room not only maximizes the use of space but also enhances the aesthetic and functional flow of your home.

So, what are sightlines? Sightlines allow for clear views across different areas of your home (like a kitchen and living room), making spaces feel larger and more connected. This design strategy is especially beneficial in homes with an open floor plan, facilitating easier communication, better lighting, and a cohesive look.

Let’s explore how you can maximize your space through effective sightlines, ensuring your kitchen and living room design not only meet your needs but also reflect your personal style!

Unlock The Power of Clear Sightlines

Creating clear sightlines in your kitchen and living room design has many benefits. Sightlines not only amplify the feeling of more space but also transform activities like cooking and entertaining into a seamless experience.

You can watch TV or have a conversation while you’re prepping dinner or relax in the living room while listening for the oven to finish pre-heating. This connectedness fosters a sense of community within your home, making everyone feel included, whether they’re chopping vegetables or hanging out on the couch. 

You can even keep an eye on your children if they are in the other room. With clear sightlines, the balance between supervision and relaxation becomes effortless!

Simple Strategies for Maximum Impact

To achieve the perfect sightlines in your home, consider the layout and the interaction between your furniture and fixtures. Choose pieces that support your vision of openness, like slender, streamlined furniture that complements (rather than dominates) the room. 

A carefully positioned low-profile sofa or a slim console table can frame your living space without interrupting the view of the kitchen.

When designing your kitchen, the strategic placement of islands and appliances plays a big role. Aim for a layout that encourages engagement with the living area, ensuring you’re part of the conversation, even if you’re busy baking cookies. 

The blend of design elements, such as flooring and wall color, across both spaces not only unites them visually but also enhances the feeling of spaciousness. It’s a win-win!

Modern open kitchen layout with neutral colors

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When creating sightlines, embrace the minimalist look when it comes to decor and avoid the temptation to fill every corner. A less-is-more approach not only accentuates the openness but also makes each chosen piece stand out as a statement piece. 

By thoughtfully positioning your furnishings, you set the stage for a home that’s as open, inviting, and uniquely yours.

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How Technology Can Boost Your Open-Plan Dream

Adopting smart home systems can enhance the sightlines in your home and change how you engage with your living areas. You can adjust the lighting, music, and temperature in both your kitchen and living room with just a touch, creating a perfect balance that blends with the design. 

Modern technology improves your home’s functionality while maintaining clear sightlines, making rooms feel larger and more visually aligned. Cheers to that!

What to Avoid When Creating Sightlines

When creating sightlines in your home, there are a few things that you will want to avoid:

  1. Overcrowding. Crowding areas like a kitchen or living room with too many pieces of furniture or decor can make them look much smaller than they really are. Oftentimes, the “less is more” approach rings true.
  2. Awkward Placement. Placing tall or bulky appliances in your kitchen can block the visual connection between your living room. Excess clutter can put a damper on the aesthetic flow of your home and make communication more difficult.
  3. Clashing Patterns. Another aspect to be cautious of is mixing patterns in flooring or wall colors that don’t blend from one space to another. This can disrupt the creation of seamless sightlines.
  4. Poor Lighting. Inadequate lighting can create shadows and dark corners, undermining the open and airy vibe that is essential to a successful sightline design. 

This post from Real Simple highlights mistakes to avoid when arranging your furniture to create a more cohesive space, so be sure to check it out for more tips!

Infusing Your Style Into a Spacious Design

Infusing your home with personal style while maintaining open sightlines is all about maintaining balance and making strategic choices that let your personality shine through without overwhelming your spaces. 

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Consider incorporating vibrant throw pillows, rugs with fun patterns, or statement art pieces that add charm without creating clutter. Utilize vertical space by adding floating shelves where you can showcase your favorite photos or keepsakes, enhancing the room’s character without sacrificing openness. 

In addition, furniture with unique textures and colors is key to making a true statement in a living room. 

Sightline design isn’t just about maximizing space. It’s about creating a home that feels like you. So go ahead, get creative, and show off your personality – the possibilities are endless!

Kitchen and Living Room Design by Ellecor

An open floor plan is a great way to create seamless sightlines in your home. Whether you are looking for a complete redesign or home decor help, Ellecor Interior Design is just what you need. Check out our projects for inspiration, and contact us to get started!

DIY And Interior Design Firms in Springfield, Mo: The Beauty of Both is Explained By Ellecor

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, but you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic. You’re not alone. There are ways to incorporate your love for DIY tricks with interior design firm expertise to make your home pop! We don’t mean grabbing a sewing kit and cloth to make your own pillows (although that’s a great idea). We suggest using your trained inner stylist’s eye to structure your home into a balanced, color-coordinated sanctuary. In this blog, Ellecor Interior Designs discusses using DIY decorations and interior design firms to enhance your home. 


Interior Design Firms Offer Room Assessments  

Home re-decoration is a gradual process, and sometimes our grand vision gets overwhelming. This is where an interior designer comes in. When choosing your perfect color palette, interior design firms have a diverse range of color combos. We are talking about colors you never knew existed! Choose from warm, cool, and pastel colors to bold and vibrant looks. 

An interior designer evaluates your interests and what works with the room to prevent color clashing. Your color palette and matching accents will keep you focused on the correct design elements to add to your space. Ellecor offers room planning services from a blank area to a stylish finish. 


DIY Tricks To Make Your Home Look More Dynamic 

We love a fun-simple DIY hack for your home aesthetic. Ways to spice up your area without going overboard include: 

Pillows: Pillow amps up your space, making it look well-designed and planned. Use pillow inserts to switch your style for the seasons, new decor ideas, or color variation. Groups of 3 work well for sizing, texture, and pattern pairing. 

Wall Decor: Wall art is ideal when adequately centered. Aim to position your art at average eye level (57 inches high). Wall art hung too high looks out of place, giving a floating effect. To augment your wall art and home decor, center the pieces to eye level and build out for a gallery wall effect. Opt for a bold statement art piece or complimentary colors. 

Use Groups of Three: Grouping your design elements makes decor look uniform and intentional instead of cluttered. Feel the difference by adding a plant vase, crafted wooden bowl, and earth-toned books atop your vintage living room table. Focus on scaling (size), texture, and color when combining different pieces. Elements like candles, mirrors, and vases complement each other well. 

Our home decor storefront makes Ellecor different from other interior design firms. The store comes with unique accessories and group design aspects for any home style preference. Visit our home storefront in Springfield, Mo. 


Ways Interior Design Firms Help Balance Your Home Decor

Balance is everything regarding home decor. To maximize your entire space, you can balance the sofa, artwork, lighting, plants, and more. Furniture bunched on one side of the room looks unequal and plain to the rest of the house. Make the most out of your living room design with an Ellecor design professional. 


DIY and Interior Design By Ellecor 

At Ellecor, we make it our mission to bring your dream home to life. From DIY to room planning and consultation, we have the top home decor looks to suit your style and leave your guests in awe. Contact Ellecor Interior Design today or call (417) 720-2602 for more details on what we can do for you! 

Bringing In the New Year With Home Renovation? Ellecor Has the Interior Design Trends Down For 2022

The new year approaches, and the budding beginnings of resolutions hang in the air! One of our favorites at Ellecor Interior Design, is the resolution to freshen up the house! Maybe it’s a redecoration, or a full-on renovation–no matter the path taken, we’re here to support you! That’s why in today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the projected top trend styles for 2022, so you can get a head start on your shopping for your home refresh! 



Vintage has been back baby, but it will shine even brighter in 2022 as it partners with the DIY movement. It’s time to hit your favorite thrift shops, junk shops, and family sheds to find those one-of-a-kind pieces that simply need a little bit of tender loving care. Refinish it yourself and you’re right on trend with the interior design trends of 2022! 


Warm Minimalism

Less is more, so we encourage you to take a “Does this bring me joy?” approach to your life, and Marie Kondo your home! Keep to clean lines and warm wood tones to give your space a sense of modern yet homey comfort. 

Interested in providing a contrast of tones? Believe it or not, replacing those granite countertops with marble or adding a marble accent with your warm-toned wood will introduce some spunk and character to your home. 


The Use of Space: Japandi

A beautiful balance of Japanese textures and colors with Scandinavian design materials brings forth the functionally beautiful style of Japandi. 

This style is perfect for inspiring a feeling of balance and connectedness within your home. It is all about maximizing the use of the space you have instead of building onto your home. This makes Japandi perfect for those seeking to be trendy on a budget!



The textures of your home are going to define its personality. Based on the projected interior design trends of 2022, Ellecor recommends setting a baseline of neutral and earth tones, such as greens and beiges, within your staple piece fabrics. Once this foundation has been established, we can highlight the neutrals of your home by picking textures that feel luxurious. Top picks that come to mind include velvet, microfibre, and plush faux furs. 



Black is in as your main accent color for neutrals. Feeling bold? Add a black accent wall or choose ebony wood for your furniture accent pieces. Feeling even bolder? Projections for interior design trends of 2022 also include small pops of color such as pink and orange with neutrals of beige and green with black accents. 

Creating a diverse, but balanced color palette will set your home apart from others as being richly defined in personality and experience.   


Natural Incorporation

Finally: Plants, Plants, Plants! It’s all about the plants for interior design trends of 2022. Choose whatever plants you want to compliment your luxurious neutral tones in your living space. 

Plants introduce extra oxygen which promotes more creativity and a feeling of being energized. Allow yourself to reset and to connect with those that matter most to you in your nursery of a living room. 

Let Ellecor Educate You On Interior Design Trends Of 2022

Ellecor cares about your peace of mind within your living space. This is why we specialize in custom home finishing, room planning, bedroom, kitchen, living room designs, and more. For more information on how we may serve you and your home, Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602. We can’t wait to see your dream home come to life. 

What to Do With Throw Blankets Aside From Draping Them Over Your Couch by Ellecor

What don’t we love about throw blankets? They are soft, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch. Throws add a stylish look and warm feel to any room beyond the commercial use of a winter wrap, or a toasty addition to wine and a movie. They are viewed as an essential addition to interior design and supplement that inviting and cozy feel to your humble abode. The Ellecor interior design team will touch on some styling tips and tricks you can use towards your fashionable throw blankets for a more trendy look in today’s blog. 


A Modern Look: 


When it comes to contemporary interior design, modern-day styles are taking over. 

At least 40% of homeowners remodel or complete home renovation within two years of buying their house. To compliment your throws with a modern-day touch:


  1. Start by folding each blanket into an excellent flat square shape.


  1. After folding each blanket, stack them nicely on top of one another for a flat lay pile up.


  1. Stick to neutral earth tones, and this trend will add an accented flair to any granite countertop, or wooden floorboards for an inviting modern look.  


Pair It Up


Pattern pair-ups are a great way to make a solo throw blanket pop on a sofa couch. Taking a solid-colored throw blanket and pairing it with a color-coordinated pillow cushion sets the tone of sophistication yet fun to your shared area. This is another excellent way to challenge the trial and error of interior design aside from simply draping your throw blanket over the couch. 


A Casual Touch


Do not just stick to the living room! Assimilate your throws in various parts of your household. For a more casual look, place your blanket at the edge of your master bed for a trendy yet straightforward display. Another use for your throw blanket is laying it horizontally over the bed as a runner. Layer it with a smaller blanket on top for a finishing touch. This style will allow your room to have a friendly and organized lived-in feel for a cozier bedroom. 


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A Style for the Season: 


Coordinate your throw blankets with seasonal accent colors like burgundy for Autumn or pink and white throws for Spring. 


Ottoman Accent 


Suppose your sofa couch has a matching ottoman. Try draping your throw diagonally across your Ottman for your next interior design hack. This design adds an abstract style and compliments the throws draped over your couch as well. Additionally, rolling your throws into an excellent cylindrical shape and placing them side by side inside the ottoman is a different variation to an organized and purposeful use of your household items. 


Ellenor Home & Interior Design

Home decoration is what we do best! For more tips on DIY home decoration or to get in touch with a skilled professional to design your new home, contact us online or call (417)-720-2602 for more information from our top-tier team!   

What Is Modern Prairie Style? Ellecor Explains

Living room with modern prairie style

Modern prairie style blends two aesthetics. First, it taps into the natural landscape that evokes images of windswept prairies, tall grasses, and wide-open spaces. Second, it gives homes a modern appeal. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we present our guide to modern prairie style for homes.

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Lots of Natural Light

Plenty of natural light is one of the main tenets of modern prairie style for interior design. You’ll find huge floor-to-ceiling windows that open into an expansive yard, bay windows towards the front, and lots of skylights and windows near the ceiling.

Natural Elements

You already have natural light. Modern prairie style also incorporates natural elements that bespeak the environment around the home. Brick, stone, and wood all combine to make a beautiful presentation. Brick and stone typically come in earth tones, like tan, gray, or brown. 

Exposed and stained wood beams, wood siding, and wood columns by the front and back doors all showcase the beauty of decorative and structural wood. The team at Ellecor can help create a cohesive look using wood, brick, and stone inside of your house.

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Open Floor Plan

Much like the flat prairie land, a modern prairie home utilizes an open floor plan. From the kitchen on one end to the patio door on the other, you might be able to see from one end of the house to the other with the proper sightlines

Earth Tones

Earth tones complement natural brick, stone, and wood. Consider decorative pieces made of wood, stone, and glass. Go for minimalist furniture with solid colors. Hues that blend well with modern prairie style include pale yellow, taupe, terra cotta, and cream.

Vintage Accents and Art

Evoke images of the Old West with vintage accents throughout the home. Consider lamps or light fixtures that look like old lanterns. Folk art and textiles may feature natural themes from the regional ecology. Local indigenous cultures also offer inspiration.

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Ellecor & Home Interior Design

Interested in modern prairie style or other interior design styles? Ellecor Interior Design can help! Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation!

Home Interior Design Tips for a Children’s Study Area

Boy sitting at desk at home with pencil writing Ellecor Home Design


Getting your kids to do their homework can be a chore in and of itself. Sometimes there are distractions, like pets, friends, phones, and holiday time. Other times they’re just not in the mood to do homework. Have you thought about creating a study area just for your kids? Ellecor Interior Design discusses some tips and tricks to decorate a children’s study area as part of your home interior design.

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Add a Desk to Your Child’s Room

Perhaps the simplest solution to creating a study area for your child is to add a desk to your kid’s bedroom. All it takes is scooting a few things over. Then you add a formal desk or even a small table along with a chair that’s the right size for your youngster. Having a study space in their room creates a relaxing atmosphere for preteens and teenagers, and it teaches them responsibility as they learn to manage their study time on their own.

Carve Out a Corner of Your Office

Working at home has become the new norm in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your own home office provides a quiet space to get work done. The same is true for your kid’s study habits. Think about putting a desk in your home office for your child. Not only do you maximize your space, but you also create a cozy place for your child to study with this type of home design. Use your child’s eye for decor when you design this section of your home office.

Set Aside a Nook

Nooks can go anywhere in your home. You can put one next to your piano, in the corner of the dining room, as part of your library, or in its own dedicated area that’s currently empty or unused. If you have a finished basement or attic, consider making a dedicated nook in either of those spaces. A study nook is something you can use for years to come in your home design as your kids get older. As you design a nook, include a few personal items like photos. Feel free to paint it in your child’s favorite colors.

Temporary Study Spaces

Are you short on room in your home? Home design for kid’s study spaces can be just a temporary solution. Keep a folding table or small table nearby in your living room, and then pull up your child’s chair. Or just set up a spot on your dining room table as you’re making dinner. Temporary study spaces in larger rooms help you keep an eye on your pupil as he or she masters the next lesson in their studies. 

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Ellecor Interior Design: Your Choice for Home Design

Need some more inspiration? Find out more about creating a kid’s study area in your home. Contact Ellecor Interior Design today or call (417) 720-2602 for details on our home interior design ideas, tips, and tricks.

4 Must-Haves in Your Open Kitchen Design

Modern open floor plan

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you gather with your family for meals, and it’s where your guests mingle during parties. When you want to redesign your home, the kitchen is an essential part of the plan. From comfortable seating to an open floor plan, there are lots of details that contribute to the perfect kitchen. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design lists four must-haves for your kitchen design.

Large Island

Most open-layout kitchens have a large island that serves a variety of uses. If you are looking for more countertop space without overcrowding your cabinets and pantries, an island can provide the perfect storage solution. Kitchen islands are a focal point of the kitchen design, so they quickly turn into a hub for guests. In an open kitchen layout, islands allow for more space and a free flow of traffic, allowing whoever is cooking in the kitchen to have the space they need without overcrowding.

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Open Shelving

One way to immediately make a kitchen feel bigger and more open is to remove the cabinet doors completely! This increases the open feeling in the entire area. However, you need to have clean and organized shelf space, so that means no cluttered dishes and spices. Instead of removing the cabinet doors entirely, you can simply switch to glass cabinet doors. This is perfect for a modern design that creates a surprising amount of extra space! 

In-Wall Appliances

Bulky appliances like your refrigerator and microwave can feel like big blocks in the middle of an otherwise open space. If your refrigerator is always in the way and your microwave is taking up a ton of counter space, it’s time to consider in-wall appliances. You can create a surprising amount of space by mounting your microwave above your range and creating a space for your fridge in custom cabinetry. It may sound like a big project, but the pros at Ellecor Interior Design do it every day! If you want to make more space in your kitchen, we’ll make it easy!

Additional Seating

When you are hosting guests, you will want extra seating so everyone will be comfortable. It can be difficult to accommodate a lot of dinner guests, so the right seating solution is critical. A kitchen island is a perfect place to seat several guests in barstools or tall chairs. If you want to create the feeling of a real restaurant for a big group of guests, we recommend a few high-top tables with tall chairs; you can set them up before the event and take them down afterward; for the simple extra seating, you can keep them in storage until your next gala!

Transform Your Kitchen Design With Ellecor

Your kitchen is one of the most welcoming places in the house, and a new design allows you to make the most of every detail. Whether you are looking for a complete redesign or just some home decor help, Ellecor Interior Design is just what you need. Check out our projects to find inspiration for your own home makeover! Contact us today for more information, and set up an appointment today!

Types of Interior Design Styles (Part 2)

Industrial style living room

The interior design of your home is a window into your personal sense of style and comfort. There are endless options for your home design, from the clean lines of Minimalist styles to the cozy clutter of Bohemian styles. In part two of our blog series, we discuss interior design styles that create a cozy, comfortable feeling at home.


If you prefer a log cabin feeling and you want to bring the outdoors into your home, the rustic style is perfect for you. Rustic homes have bold natural design elements, sturdy wooden furniture, and lots of natural light. Rustic designs often incorporate natural textures, such as rough hewn oak, beautiful stonework, and aged leather furniture. Rustic home design is also perfect for decorative and functional indoor plants, such as bright and colorful flowers or fragrant and tasty herbs. If you want to feel cozy and secure in a gorgeous natural space, rustic interior design elements are perfect for you!


Scandinavian interior design is very simplistic, but it also incorporates a warm sense of sentimentality that makes even minimalist scandinavian designs feel cozy. This style is clean, with organic curves and lines, drawing lots of inspiration from nature. Scandinavian designs incorporate small, tasteful elements of art and decor, with subtle natural colors. Often, there is a patterned rug that ties all of the colors together and warms the space. A Scandinavian design is flexible, so you can incorporate elements of other design styles, such as Minimalist or Bohemian.


If there is one home design that never seems to age or go out of style, it is Bohemian. The Bohemian style is characterized by a mix-match of colors, patterns, and textures, giving it a very vintage feel. There are often global influences in bohemian styles, inspiring intricate decorations and funky shapes. Bohemian style is often personal, because many of the unique items of decor have a special meaning for the homeowner, perhaps acquired on adventures abroad!


Farmhouse designs often incorporate natural elements that situate the home in the local ecology, such as stone from a local quarry or reclaimed wood from a nearby barn. Exposed wooden beams are a wonderful feature of the farmhouse style. For exposed wooden beams made of reclaimed wood, Ellecor Interior Design offers Kudos Reclaimed Wood products. 

The harvest table is a quintessential element of farmhouse design — a large, sturdy table perfect for gathering items from the garden and enjoying a big family meal. Farmhouse designs are natural, practical, and comfortable, creating the perfect environment for cozy evenings with family and friends.

Ellecor Interior Design Can Transform Your Home

Whether you are seeking a Minimalist home design or a cozy Bohemian experience, our team of interior designers is dedicated to making your home exactly how you want it. You can count on professional quality with a personal touch, as we partner with you to ensure you are pleased with the finished product. If you want to learn more about Ellecor Interior Design, contact us today.

Types of Interior Design Styles (Part 1)

Modern living room with bright colors

The interior design style of a home should create a special “wow” moment every time you walk in the front door. Each interior design is always unique, because it represents the personality of the homeowner. Today, Ellecor Interior Design kicks off our two-part blog series as we highlight some of the most popular interior design styles.


Modern interior design consists of sleek finishes, geometric furniture, and overall simplicity. When you think of a modern home, you probably think of clean lines and simple colors, such as white, black, and grey. You will rarely find patterns or textures in modern styles; simplicity is preferred instead. This interior design style is most commonly found in upscale urban locations such as New York City or Los Angeles. Interior designers like to pair modern homes with modern interior design and artwork. 

Mid-century Modern

One of the most popular interior design styles is mid-century modern. The defining quality of this style is its use of design elements from the 1930s to 1950s with a modern twist. These home designs often incorporate subtle curves, different materials and textures, and clean lines. Mid-century Modern design offers the simple minimalism of modern design with the cozy feeling of a family home.


Some people will mistake a minimalistic style with a modern style; however, they have their differences. Minimalism is really a lifestyle translated into the design of the home — complete simplicity and the elimination of anything unnecessary. All of the surfaces are clean and free of clutter. There are no unnecessary decorations, furniture pieces, or knick-knacks. A true minimalistic design is primarily white, grey and black; however, pops of vibrant color can serve to emphasize the rest of the minimalist style.


Contemporary design is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. This movement encapsulates several ideas from the mid-20th-century to the present. Contemporary designs feature monotone color palettes with browns and whites. In this popular interior design style, natural light and ambient light are key to creating the right experience. 

Ellecor Interior Design Can Help You Today

Are you looking for a complete redesign of your home? Ellecor Interior Design wants to help! Our expert team of designers is here to create your dream home. No matter what style you have in mind, we will do everything we can to meet your needs. For more information on Ellecor Interior Design, you can check out the products and services we offer. We also have a gallery on our website to showcase some of our favorite home designs.

5 Home Decor Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Retro living room design

There are some elements of interior design that are simply timeless, so they keep coming back into style decade after decade. Design trends from the 70s and 80s are making a major comeback as we move ahead into 2020. When you draw inspiration from classic designs that never go out of style, you can dramatically change the dynamic of your home. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design lists five home decor trends that are a blast from the past.

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Textured Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a resurgence and becoming much more popular in modern interior design. Rather than settling for monochromatic paint, wallpaper allows for fun and intricate designs that can transform a living space. Millennials are the ones to thank for this comeback home decor trend. There are textured wallpapers like bamboo, silk, and linen that will make any room stand out among the rest.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling gained its popularity in the 50s and wasn’t considered ‘outdated’ until the 80s. At one point, you could find wood paneling in just about every house across America. This 60-year-old trend is back with a new, modern approach. Wood paneling has more of a rustic, farmhouse feel than it did in the past. There are endless options for wood finishes these days — from traditional cherry stains to distressed pastel paints — so you are able to incorporate lots of subtle color in your wood paneling. If you are looking for an interior design utilizing reclaimed wood, look no further than Ellecor Interior Design.

Wicker and Bamboo

Home decor trends come and go, and trending styles in furniture change too! A great example is the renewed popularity of wicker and bamboo in modern trends. From Bohemian bungalows to Minimalist penthouses, bamboo and wicker are making a comeback. From deckchairs to headboards, from bamboo bonsais to wicker storage baskets, these natural elements are making a big comeback!

Retro Appliances

When you are redesigning your home, you want efficient and reliable appliances for your kitchen. If you want the vintage appeal of antique appliances with the reliability of the 21st century, you are in luck! Many mainstream appliance companies are beginning to design products with vintage styles that also offer all the benefits of modern appliances.

Metal Accents

Copper, brass, and stainless-steel are becoming more common in home remodels and home decor. This metal trend can be seen in kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, doorknobs, and even in modern furniture pieces. Out of all of the metals that are regaining popularity, brass is the most intriguing. This clean and bold material can add flair to any design, for a modern style with vintage appeal.

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Envision Your Style With Ellecor Interior Design

If you are looking for a home design transformation, Ellecor Interior Design can help. Vintage home decor ideas are making a major comeback, and they offer endless inspiration for amazing designs. So contact Ellecor Interior Design to create something truly special. Our gallery gives a great look at the transformations we have completed, and we want yours to be next!