Types of Interior Design Styles (Part 2)

Industrial style living room

The interior design of your home is a window into your personal sense of style and comfort. There are endless options for your home design, from the clean lines of Minimalist styles to the cozy clutter of Bohemian styles. In part two of our blog series, we discuss interior design styles that create a cozy, comfortable feeling at home.


If you prefer a log cabin feeling and you want to bring the outdoors into your home, the rustic style is perfect for you. Rustic homes have bold natural design elements, sturdy wooden furniture, and lots of natural light. Rustic designs often incorporate natural textures, such as rough hewn oak, beautiful stonework, and aged leather furniture. Rustic home design is also perfect for decorative and functional indoor plants, such as bright and colorful flowers or fragrant and tasty herbs. If you want to feel cozy and secure in a gorgeous natural space, rustic interior design elements are perfect for you!


Scandinavian interior design is very simplistic, but it also incorporates a warm sense of sentimentality that makes even minimalist scandinavian designs feel cozy. This style is clean, with organic curves and lines, drawing lots of inspiration from nature. Scandinavian designs incorporate small, tasteful elements of art and decor, with subtle natural colors. Often, there is a patterned rug that ties all of the colors together and warms the space. A Scandinavian design is flexible, so you can incorporate elements of other design styles, such as Minimalist or Bohemian.


If there is one home design that never seems to age or go out of style, it is Bohemian. The Bohemian style is characterized by a mix-match of colors, patterns, and textures, giving it a very vintage feel. There are often global influences in bohemian styles, inspiring intricate decorations and funky shapes. Bohemian style is often personal, because many of the unique items of decor have a special meaning for the homeowner, perhaps acquired on adventures abroad!


Farmhouse designs often incorporate natural elements that situate the home in the local ecology, such as stone from a local quarry or reclaimed wood from a nearby barn. Exposed wooden beams are a wonderful feature of the farmhouse style. For exposed wooden beams made of reclaimed wood, Ellecor Interior Design offers Kudos Reclaimed Wood products. 

The harvest table is a quintessential element of farmhouse design — a large, sturdy table perfect for gathering items from the garden and enjoying a big family meal. Farmhouse designs are natural, practical, and comfortable, creating the perfect environment for cozy evenings with family and friends.

Ellecor Interior Design Can Transform Your Home

Whether you are seeking a Minimalist home design or a cozy Bohemian experience, our team of interior designers is dedicated to making your home exactly how you want it. You can count on professional quality with a personal touch, as we partner with you to ensure you are pleased with the finished product. If you want to learn more about Ellecor Interior Design, contact us today.

Types of Interior Design Styles (Part 1)

Modern living room with bright colors

The interior design style of a home should create a special “wow” moment every time you walk in the front door. Each interior design is always unique, because it represents the personality of the homeowner. Today, Ellecor Interior Design kicks off our two-part blog series as we highlight some of the most popular interior design styles.


Modern interior design consists of sleek finishes, geometric furniture, and overall simplicity. When you think of a modern home, you probably think of clean lines and simple colors, such as white, black, and grey. You will rarely find patterns or textures in modern styles; simplicity is preferred instead. This interior design style is most commonly found in upscale urban locations such as New York City or Los Angeles. Interior designers like to pair modern homes with modern interior design and artwork. 

Mid-century Modern

One of the most popular interior design styles is mid-century modern. The defining quality of this style is its use of design elements from the 1930s to 1950s with a modern twist. These home designs often incorporate subtle curves, different materials and textures, and clean lines. Mid-century Modern design offers the simple minimalism of modern design with the cozy feeling of a family home.


Some people will mistake a minimalistic style with a modern style; however, they have their differences. Minimalism is really a lifestyle translated into the design of the home — complete simplicity and the elimination of anything unnecessary. All of the surfaces are clean and free of clutter. There are no unnecessary decorations, furniture pieces, or knick-knacks. A true minimalistic design is primarily white, grey and black; however, pops of vibrant color can serve to emphasize the rest of the minimalist style.


Contemporary design is a perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. This movement encapsulates several ideas from the mid-20th-century to the present. Contemporary designs feature monotone color palettes with browns and whites. In this popular interior design style, natural light and ambient light are key to creating the right experience. 

Ellecor Interior Design Can Help You Today

Are you looking for a complete redesign of your home? Ellecor Interior Design wants to help! Our expert team of designers is here to create your dream home. No matter what style you have in mind, we will do everything we can to meet your needs. For more information on Ellecor Interior Design, you can check out the products and services we offer. We also have a gallery on our website to showcase some of our favorite home designs.

Being An Interior Designer

A woman draws up interior design plans.

Working with clients to create a comfortable and unique atmosphere is part of what makes being an interior designer so rewarding. What else makes this job so interesting? In this blog, Ellecor explains why being an interior designer is such an interesting career path.

Helping Clients Achieve Dreams

As an interior designer, you may be able to give a high level of design input but it is important that you understand your client’s wants and needs. You may be an expert, but this is your client’s home. If they are not happy with a design choice or they seem to be hung up on a decision you have made, it is important that you ask them to communicate their ideas. Interior design is where creativity meets complexity, so it is important that you honor your client’s creativity, while still providing them with a safe and attractive environment.

Space Is Key

While you are designing in any room of a house, it is important to remember that you have a limited area to work with. You need to be aware of furniture dimensions and you need to keep in mind what the space is used for. You shouldn’t put a couch in the middle of a game room. It may seem like common sense, but sometimes the temptations to overcrowd a room are there for beginning designers. Remember that you should also have a good understanding of the structure of the home before you begin working.

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There Are Rules

As an interior designer, you will have to be aware of state and local codes. You should keep in mind that you will also need to meet the design constraints that are set in place by these laws and codes. You also need to make sure that you are up to date with the latest design innovations and choices so that you can offer your clients the best of the best.

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If you are looking for a professional interior design team that understands exactly what it takes to make your environment great, contact Ellecor via phone at (417)720-2602,  or contact us online today.  We can’t wait to assist you!

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Interior Designer? You can afford it, really…

Interior Designer? You can afford it, really…

We hear it all the time, “I can’t afford a designer,” and it’s just not true.  It’s really not as elite as some think.  Don’t get me wrong, there are really high-end designers who specialize in specific styles and sizes of homes, but the majority of us just love what we do.  After all, we all deserve to have a beautiful, livable, and comfortable home.  At Ellecor we work with people on all scales, budgets, and styles.  We have simple meetings where we choose some paint colors and some meetings where we just rearrange everything you have to give it a facelift. Depending on the type of meeting, we design, build, and finish someone’s dream home.  The ticket there is that it is YOUR dream home, not ours.

Learning about our client’s lifestyle, family life, and likes and dislikes all plays into our plans and the eventual concept of the finished space.  We live, work, and play in our home and can understand the different lifestyles we all live.  We are all busy, but we need a great space to finish the day, and start the next one feeling nice and refreshed.  Contact us about your next design updates.