Interior Design Tips for the College Student

Stylish dorm room

Interior Design Tips for the College Student

Nothing is quite as bleak as an undecorated dorm room. Blank white walls with a bunk bed and a few computer desks can start to feel like a prison after a few hours of study time. Just because your dorm room is temporary doesn’t mean you can’t have an inspired, stylish space. Today, the experts at Ellecor Interior Design will share a few tips for dorm room interior design to spruce up your living space!

The Rug Really Ties the Room Together

Stepping on the cold, bare floor in the dead of winter while getting ready for an 8 a.m. class can be enough to make you want to call the whole day off. A throw rug in the middle of your dorm room will add some much-needed texture and warmth. Remember, interior design is supposed to be fun and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few colors and patterns to find what is best for your space.

Invest in Your Lighting

Many dorms feature harsh fluorescent ceiling lighting. This lighting casts a cold, blue light that is hard on your eyes and your room’s style. Instead, opt for floor and desk lamps. This is an inexpensive way to create warm light that makes your room feel more spacious and comfortable.

Show Your Personality on Your Walls

Blank walls are the death of interior design. Decorating your walls will make your room feel larger, and give you the opportunity to really express yourself. Whether it is a poster of your favorite band, pictures of your friends and family, or a print of your favorite Edward Hopper painting, use your walls to show what makes you, you.

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Use Curtains and Bedspreads to Add Color

Most dorm rooms do not allow you to paint your walls. As such, many dorm rooms can feel like a sterilized doctor’s office. Your curtains and bedspread are one of the few places you can really add color to your room.

Visit Ellecor Interior Design for Inspiration

Following the above steps will have you on your way to a beautiful, stylish dorm room. If you want to truly create an amazing dorm room design, we’d love for you to visit and come talk with us. Ellecor Interior Design is located in Farmer’s Park on Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri, and we’re always happy to have college students visit. Or if you just have questions, contact us directly at 417-720-2602!

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Interior Design Tips for Small Rooms

Interior design for small spaces is certainly a challenge. With a limited amount of room for furniture and storage, it may seem impossible to make your house or apartment feel stylish and comfortable. Luckily, by utilizing a few simple interior design tricks, you can make the most out of your limited space and transform your house or apartment into the home of your dreams. Today, Ellecor Interior Design discusses some easy tips for decorating small spaces.

Utilize Light, Neutral Colors

Color is one of the most important aspects of interior design, and the color palette you choose dramatically affects the feel of a room. Dark, moody colors will make a room feel small and cramped, while light, neutral colors will make a room feel large and open. When you are designing for a small room, stick with a light color palette, utilizing colors such as whites, light grays, and muted blues. These colors help guide the eye throughout the room and make it appear larger.

Hang Mirrors

Hanging a mirror is one of the easiest ways to make a room feel larger. Carefully placing one large mirror or several small ones throughout a small room creates an illusion of depth and space, making your room feel large with little effort. Mirrors are also great decorative items that add more nuance and visual interest to your walls.

Opt Innovative Storage Solutions

In small houses and apartments, storage can be a huge hassle. With limited closet and cabinet space, you may have to try some innovative, non-traditional storage solutions. Try placing baskets under your bed, hanging hooks on your doors and walls, and installing shelving. By thinking outside-of-the-box, you can declutter and make your home feel large and open.

Connect with the Outdoors

The best interior design creates a seamless flow between the outdoors and the inside of the home. Spaces with plenty of natural light and views of the outdoor landscape feel bright, airy, and ultimately larger than enclosed interiors. When you are designing for a small space, find ways to connect your space to the outdoors, draw attention to your windows, and let in plenty of natural light.

Interior Design with Ellecor Interior Design

Designing for a small room is not easy, but working with an experienced interior designer certainly helps. At Ellecor Interior Design, Haden and her team find innovative, creative ways to make your design dreams come to life. Regardless of the size of your space or the size of your budget, we can find a solution that works for you. If you need some extra help or feel cramped in your space, check out our blog ‘Interior Design Tips for Making an Area Look Bigger‘ to get more tips. To learn more about our services, contact Ellecor Interior Design today!