What Is Modern Prairie Style? Ellecor Explains

Living room with modern prairie style

Modern prairie style blends two aesthetics. First, it taps into the natural landscape that evokes images of windswept prairies, tall grasses, and wide-open spaces. Second, it gives homes a modern appeal. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we present our guide to modern prairie style for homes.

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Lots of Natural Light

Plenty of natural light is one of the main tenets of modern prairie style for interior design. You’ll find huge floor-to-ceiling windows that open into an expansive yard, bay windows towards the front, and lots of skylights and windows near the ceiling.

Natural Elements

You already have natural light. Modern prairie style also incorporates natural elements that bespeak the environment around the home. Brick, stone, and wood all combine to make a beautiful presentation. Brick and stone typically come in earth tones, like tan, gray, or brown. 

Exposed and stained wood beams, wood siding, and wood columns by the front and back doors all showcase the beauty of decorative and structural wood. The team at Ellecor can help create a cohesive look using wood, brick, and stone inside of your house.

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Open Floor Plan

Much like the flat prairie land, a modern prairie home utilizes an open floor plan. From the kitchen on one end to the patio door on the other, you might be able to see from one end of the house to the other with the proper sightlines

Earth Tones

Earth tones complement natural brick, stone, and wood. Consider decorative pieces made of wood, stone, and glass. Go for minimalist furniture with solid colors. Hues that blend well with modern prairie style include pale yellow, taupe, terra cotta, and cream.

Vintage Accents and Art

Evoke images of the Old West with vintage accents throughout the home. Consider lamps or light fixtures that look like old lanterns. Folk art and textiles may feature natural themes from the regional ecology. Local indigenous cultures also offer inspiration.

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