Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

Drawing of a luxury bathroom remodel

Whether you’re updating an outdated bathroom style or you’re renovating your entire space, a bathroom remodel can turn into a nightmare without the proper planning and execution. Read on to learn about some of the more common mistakes to avoid during your next bathroom renovation.

Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes

  • Lack of a solid plan – Perhaps the worst thing you can do is go into your remodel flying by the seat of your pants. Make a plan that accounts for the materials you will need, your potential costs, and your personal taste.
  • Not discussing major renovations with a professional – If you are planning on moving fixtures, plumbing, or any other major renovations, it is crucial that you discuss your plans with a professional. Everything from the location of your doors, windows, plumbing, and electric wiring can significantly impact your remodel. A professional designer can ensure that things run as smoothly as possible and save you thousands of dollars in work.
  • Failing to set aside reserve funds – No matter how thorough a plan you have, unexpected costs will always arise during a bathroom remodel. If you don’t reserve funds for emergencies, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t finish your renovations. Set aside around 15% of your remodeling budget for emergencies. If you need it you’ll be glad you did, if you don’t you can treat yourself for a job well done!
  • Factor function into your material selection – When shopping for materials, the most important factor to keep in mind is if they can stand up to the stress of daily use. Many people don’t realize the stress we put on our bathroom. Moisture and temperature changes can be devastating to the wrong materials. Nothing is worse after a remodel than spending thousands on materials only to find your new vanity warping and your wallpaper peeling.
  • Ignoring small mistakes – Even the smallest mistakes in your bathroom remodel may result in serious annoyance down the line. During your remodel, be sure to address even small mistakes, otherwise, you’ll notice them every time you use the space.

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