Everything To Know About DIY Vintage Furniture Repair

The DIY vintage furniture/refurbishing trend is probably one of the most wonderful parts of the current Grand Millennial design era. The power of the internet and social networking has given homeowners and hobbyists more control over their day-to-day living styles for their homes. 

In today’s blog, our team at Ellecor Interior Design will cover everything to know DIY vintage furniture for those hoping to jump on the home expression bandwagon. 


Keep Your Textures Varied 

Plush and linen? Or Plush and cotton? It’s your choice — as long as you can balance the textures of your room. Having a staple texture is telling for the style of the individual you choose to represent yourself as in your home. 

However, if the texture isn’t complemented by other styles, it can give a bit of a bland presentation. A good rule of thumb is to balance around two to three textures within any given space. 

If it means throwing a fur rug on the floor to offset the wood tones from the wallpaper? Great! If it means redoing your backsplash to a subway tile that matches your marble countertop? Even better. Just keep it varied, and keep it unique. 


Sand DIY Vintage Furniture Before You Stain

This statement is both metaphorical and literal. Yes, it is important when repainting or re-staining wood to sand down the old elements, so a clean slate can begin with the new color/stain. 

However, this is the same truth for spring cleaning, redecorating, DIY restorations, etc. You don’t have to recycle everything back into your new look, especially if you’re starting over. Some of it can go to a new home as part of that homeowner’s fresh look, leaving room for your home to begin again with a new identity. 

Examples of pieces that can be updated or replaced to provide this fresh look include:

  • Rugs
  • Wall Decor
  • Sitting Chairs More Than A Decade old
  • Light Fixtures
  • Color Accents

Not all of it has to go, but when enough is retouched or replaced, your home becomes a beautifully reimagined space. 


Balance Your Style With Trend

It’s wonderful to stay on trend if you can afford to, because there are all sorts of fun decor items and styles just waiting to be discovered and played with. 

However, for those who are on a bit of a budget, it’s okay to balance timeless preferences with trends. 

For example, if you find you prefer the color tan, but know that dark colors are in, a great way to balance the two is to buy decor items that will wear over time in the trendy colors, and to buy your staples in your favorite. 

A beautiful beige or tan couch is wonderfully complemented by burnt orange, russet red, sapphire, or emerald throw pillows. If you think strategically, it is always possible to freshen up your living space with minimal money spent. 

Ellecor Design Helps You Bring Your DIY Vintage Furniture To Life

Ellecor specializes in balanced living; this is why we specialize in custom home finishing, room planning, bedroom, kitchen, living room designs, and more. Springfield, Missouri, is a wonderful place to find vintage and custom-made furniture. 

Ellecor has connections to them all! For more information on how we may serve you and your home, Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602. We can’t wait to see your dream home come to life. 


Seasonal Home Interior Design Ideas to Celebrate the Harvest

Pumpkin, apples, and corn on a rustic table with leaves for interior design

Outside, the weather is getting cooler while people attend festivals and gatherings to celebrate another year of good harvest. Fall time is here, and what better way to spruce up your home than with seasonal decorations! Today’s blog from Ellecor showcases some seasonal home interior design ideas with the harvest season in mind.

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Start With the Kitchen

Harvests are all about food, so start with some simple additions to your kitchen! Find a bare spot on your counter or kitchen island. Set out a large bowl. A wooden one would be perfect here. Place a smallish pumpkin, some apples, and maybe corn on the cob in or around the bowl. 

Add harvest foods to your recipes. Roasted pumpkin is nutritious, and corn-on-the-cob makes every meal a crowd-pleaser! Encourage your family to dive into the apples as a snack. Home interior design can be as simple as adding a few elements here and there.

Go for Rustic, Farmhouse-Style Artwork

Think about what kind of art you enjoy. Do you like wall hangings, paintings, tapestries, or sculptures? How about a mix of all of these? 

Consider seasonal artwork for your living room. It doesn’t have to be much. You can buy a pottery pumpkin with twisting vines around it. Hang a print on the wall depicting an idyllic farmhouse scene surrounded by fall leaves. You could even replace a lampshade with one that showcases trees changing their colors. A windmill wall clock adds a subtle dimension with 12 metal iron blades serving as points of the clock. The possibilities are endless!

Add Scents

Home interior design should appeal to all of the senses and not just the visual or tactile ones. Just as you enjoy scrumptious food in the kitchen, the rich aromas of autumn can permeate your home to celebrate the harvest. Scented candles, sprays, diffusers, wax melts, and incense all have possibilities to mix and match the scents of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, sandalwood, cherry, and apple cider. Vary your scents from room to room, and don’t forget seasonal room sprays for the bathroom!

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Ellecor & Home Interior Design

Need more home interior design inspiration for the fall harvest? The pros at Ellecor can provide many more tips, tricks, and ideas for your beautiful home. Contact us or call (417) 720-2602 to start the conversation.

Must-Haves for Your Bedroom Design

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home, so it should also be one of the most comfortable. All too often, bedrooms can become a clutter of messy clothes and overstuffed dressers that make the space feel cramped. When designing your bedroom, there are certain things you need to include to create a calming and restful space. Bedroom designs need to express your style and your personal sense of comfort. Read on in Ellecor Interior Design’s blog to discover tips to make your bedroom your own.

Cozy Bedding

Obviously, your bed is the most important design element in your bedroom. It needs to be the locus of comfort in your bedroom, with the right patterns, fabrics, pillows, and more. Properly preparing your bed sheets and comforter makes your bedroom feel structured and comfortable, preventing the cluttered and messy feeling of a disorganized bed. Look for bedding accessories like a fluffy duvet and patterned pillows to add comfort and cohesion with your other design features. 

Warm Rug

Waking up in the morning and starting your day by walking on a soft, plush rug can make all the difference. Your bedroom should be cozy and warm, and with the right rug, you can take comfort to a new level. There are a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors you can choose from; however, the rug needs to match your desired aesthetic. You will immediately notice a difference when you walk into the bedroom with a perfect rug in your design!

Discrete Storage

Convenient storage is needed to prevent that cluttered feeling. Features like built-in furniture pieces, an open bookshelf, or a large dresser can be practical yet stylish focal points of your bedroom design. Modern features like floating shelves and a bedroom bench help break up space in a large room while also giving you more control over functionality. If you find yourself running out of storage, we’ll help you choose a new desk or dresser for your bedroom design!

Comforting Decor

You will spend about half of your time at home in your bedroom, so the decor needs to create a soothing and homey feeling. Items like wall artwork, lamps, mirrors, and bedside accessories are all must-haves in your bedroom design. These help to make the space your own! After your bedroom is designed how you like, look for home decor pieces that match the rest of your bedroom features!

Find Your Style at Ellecor Interior Design

Whether you are redecorating, remodeling, or starting from scratch, Ellecor Interior Design is here to help you with your bedroom design. Our expert team of interior designers are some of the best in the industry and continuously bring fresh ideas to the table. We know what it means to have a cozy bedroom, and at Ellecor, we can make that happen. You can check out some of our favorite bedroom designs in our gallery. Contact us today for more information!

Decor Tips for an Elegant Dining Room

Elegant Dining Room

Your dining room is the heart of the house where you enjoy delicious food with your family and friends during regular meals and special family gatherings. A formal dining room gives you the chance to make your creativity stand out, whether you prefer classic touches, modern amenities, or anything in between. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we suggest a few options for creating an elegant dining room.


The table forms the basis of your dining room’s interior design. A wide range of styles and materials are available, from sturdy wooden harvest tables to smaller lightweight acrylic pieces. Beyond the table, find a matching hutch, buffet, or corner display to fill out the rest of the room. Dining room furniture is both practical and beautiful.

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Table Decor

A seasonal centerpiece combines with a matching tablecloth and place settings to draw the eye. Table decorations can contrast, complement, or match the rest of the room. The point is to make your dining room festive!

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Overhead lighting is an obvious choice for a dining room. Chandeliers offer several points of light, from four bulbs up to several dozen. Chandeliers range from ornate traditional designs with carved metal supports, candelabra-style bulbs, and embellishments to modern designs with hundreds of glam crystal pieces. Don’t be afraid to add a matching floor or table lamp in a dark corner. A window represents a great way to let in natural light.  


A window treatment adds splashes of color. A valance may match your wallpaper border. Stylish blinds or blackout curtains let you control the natural light level in the room. Consider curtains that complement the rug, wallpaper, or walls.


Walls are more than just paint or wallpaper. Crown molding creates a vintage look. A wallpaper border might add floral or lace patterns, a contrasting color, or some other effect you’re trying to achieve. Wall art, such as paintings or prints, can stand out from other colors while seasonal selections may complement your table decorations.

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The floor surface should be resilient enough to handle the frequent movement of chairs. Feel free to add an area rug layer to bring a cohesive color scheme to the room. Find a rug with multiple colors that complement the wallpaper, window treatment, and furniture.

Let Ellecor Interior Design Help

At Ellecor Interior Design, we love helping you create the home of your dreams. Our staff can assist you with room planning from start to finish, whether you want an elaborate dining room or a simple, functional style. Contact us today for more information and to get a free estimate.


Ideas for a Custom Dining Room Table

Custom table

A dining room is nothing without a dining table for everyone to gather around. If you truly want a unique and beautiful dining room, a custom dining room table is the way to go. Having trouble thinking of ideas for your perfect custom dining room table? Ellecor Interior Design can help! Keep reading to get some inspiration.

Styles of Dining Tables

When choosing a style for your dining room table, there are plenty of options:

Rustic Dining Table

A rustic dining table is perfect for those looking for a more natural look. A farmhouse dining table is a common example. This is great for homes going for that homestead aesthetic. Typically, rustic dining tables consist of unpainted wood and simple shapes.

Modern Dining Table

A modern dining table favors sleek, sharp angles. This is meant to be a clean, minimalist design. This is often the perfect solution for someone looking for a dining room that feels open and spacious.

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Industrial Dining Table

These tables are characterized by a factory-like aesthetic. Metal and wood are incorporated to give it that industrial feel. Industrial design can seem cold by nature but, with the right design and decor, it can integrate into a homey setting easily.

Contemporary Dining Table

The contemporary look is for those who really want to make a statement. You can design a contemporary dining table in all kinds of different shapes, colors, and sizes. If you want your dining room to stand out in a more eclectic way, this dining table is definitely the way to go.

Whatever Kind of Dining Table You Want

Of course, we’re here to listen to your wants and needs for a dining table. We can make custom furniture specifically designed to your preference and your personality. Our expert craftsmen will work with you to create your perfect dining table.

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Choose Ellecor Interior Design

At Ellecor Interior Design, we’re happy to make any custom furniture piece you need to add the perfect, unique touch to your home. We do everything from built-ins and cabinets to dining tables and chairs. If you’re not looking to make a custom piece, we also have a furniture store with pieces carefully selected by our designers.

Ellecor Interior Design does much more than just custom furniture. If you need interior design or interior decorating service, we’re the company for you. We completely personalize our services to meet your individual personality and preferences. Contact us today for more information.

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Popular Custom Furniture Pieces

Working on furniture

If you’re looking for an addition to your home that’s completely unique to you and your style, a custom furniture piece could be perfect. The only question is, what kind of custom furniture piece should you choose? Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll talk about some of the most popular options.

Custom Couches

A couch can be a perfect addition to the design of many different rooms in the home. Whether it’s for your living room or for your basement, you’ll want something that’s both comfortable and that fits your design aesthetic. A custom couch has the potential to meet your unique needs in a way that a generic store-bought couch simply can’t match. You can order a simple accent couch or a huge sectional. Everything about your custom couch can be made to meet your unique style and preferences.

Custom Chairs

There are so many options for custom chairs, and that’s why they’re such a popular order. You can get custom chairs for your dining room table, custom barstools, or a custom accent chair for the living room. Choose a chic, stylish chair or a beautiful, comfortable chair. Any kind of chair you might need, we can provide.

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Custom Dining Room Tables

A dining room table is what makes or breaks a dining room. Having a custom table will give your dining room a personalized touch, and we can make one to fit any design style. Whether you want something rustic or something modern, we can make it for you.

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Custom Entertainment Centers

An entertainment center can be both functional and appealing. You can also include storage to keep your entertainment area more organized. Getting a custom entertainment center ensures you media area looks exactly how you want it to and has all the storage space you need.

Choose Ellecor Interior Design

If you’re looking to have a piece of custom furniture made, choose Ellecor Interior Design. Our expert craftsmen will work with you to create something that perfectly meets your vision. We handle everything from built-ins and cabinets to chairs and tables. We also have a furniture store if you’re not looking to go the custom route. We choose the best furniture around, and we’re sure to have something perfect for your home.  

Ellecor Interior Design offers much more than just custom furniture. We offer a variety of interior design services that are completely customizable. We create both beautiful and functional spaces that you’re sure to truly love. Contact us today for more information.

First Impressions: How to Decorate Your Foyer or Entryway

Beautiful foyer

If you want to wow guests from the moment they walk into your home, you need to have a beautiful entryway. This will be everyone’s first impression of the interior of your home. Not only that, but who wouldn’t want to come home every day to be greeted by an elegant, functional entryway? Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll give you some ideas for decorating a foyer or entryway.


The foyer is actually a great place for some extra storage space. While storage doesn’t sound too stylish, it can actually be both beautiful and functional. If you have kids, you can add some built-in hardwood cubbies for them to keep their backpacks, shoes, coats, and more. As an alternative, you can have some hooks or a unique coat rack for you or your guests to hang their coats.

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Brighten Up the Space

A bright entryway feels welcoming. There are a few ways you can brighten up your entryway. The best way is to get natural light from windows, so make sure to use sheer or light-colored window treatments. Of course, it’s also good to have some chic light fixtures to add a little extra light and create some variety in the decor. You can also use accent mirrors to make the entryway seem both brighter and bigger than it actually is.


You can make an entryway more unique by implementing a patterned hardwood floor. Or, if you want to keep it more traditional, you can go with regular flooring and add an elegant runner to elongate your entryway and make it feel more like a grand entrance.

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Your entryway is the introduction to the rest of your home, so make sure it reflects your style. You can include some furniture in your entryway, like a comfortable bench or a side table. You should also add some wall decor, whether it be family pictures or paintings. Typically, with an entryway, you don’t want to make the decor too busy. Keeping it fairly clean and minimal will lend an air of elegance to your entryway without sacrificing your unique style.

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Choose Ellecor Interior Design

If you need an interior designer or interior decorator, choose Ellecor Interior Design. We offer a full range of personalized interior design services, and we specialize in creating beautiful, functional spaces that you’re sure to love. No matter which room or rooms you want to work on, we can help. Contact us today for more information.

Interior Design for a Basement

Working on a basement

A finished basement is typically a large, open area. Having a good interior design plan is essential to giving it a cohesive look. When coming up with a design for a basement, you have a lot of flexibility and options, so it can be a little overwhelming. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll give you some tips for basement interior design.

Create a Media Room

One of the most popular uses for a basement is creating an amazing media room. A basement is the perfect place to set up a big screen TV, sound system, and comfortable furniture for movie nights and watching the game. Basement media rooms are practical and functional, but they can also be very stylish. Using an open concept design can make the space feel open and airy.

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Include a Mini-Bar

Since there’s so much space available in your basement, it’s common to have a bar and a kitchenette. This is especially useful if you’re planning on using your basement as an entertainment area. The best part about mini-bar design is you can make the space as unique as you are.

You can go elegant, with bistro lighting, granite surfaces, and stainless steel. You can go sporty, with hardwood surfaces, mounted TVs, and pennants from your favorite teams. Or you can go professional, with a wine cooler, a draft beer system, and all the accessories of a real cocktail bar.

Family and Play Area for the Kids (or Teens)

Another good way to utilize a basement is by making it the primary play area and family hangout. This contains most of the kids’ mess downstairs so you can keep the upstairs clean and tidy. With all kinds of organizational built-in options for storage, you can keep your basement area relatively tidy. Family play areas are great for all sorts of fun, such as video game systems, board games, toy boxes, and all the other activities you and your family enjoy. You can even throw in a pool table or foosball table for more entertainment value.

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Fitness Area

If you have extra space in your basement, you can always make a fitness area. This keeps all of your workout equipment downstairs and out of the way. This works best when you have a separate room so you can keep it out of the main design while also giving yourself a quiet enclosed area to focus on your workout.

Choose Ellecor Interior Design

No matter which room in your home you’re looking to design, Ellecor Interior Design can help. We offer a variety of personalized home decor and interior design services. We strive to create beautiful spaces for our clients that perfectly fit their personality and lifestyle. Contact us today for more information.

How to Make Your Bathroom a Spa Getaway

Luxurious bathroom fixture

There’s nothing more relaxing than drawing a bath, filling it with bubbles, and sinking in after a long day. Making your bathroom more spa-like can add a luxurious atmosphere and help you truly feel at peace. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll talk about some ways you can make your bathroom more like a spa.

Calming Colors

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick colors that are soothing and neutral. Blues, whites, teals, greens and other spa-like tones do well to create that relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for.


Flowers, bamboo, and aromatic plants such as jasmine and lemongrass add calming depth to the design of your bathroom. The color and scent of natural elements will help create that spa-like atmosphere.


Harsh, bright lights in a bathroom will certainly take away from the peaceful feeling you’re trying to create. Make sure to install lights that are soft and dimmable so you can set the right mood for your personal spa retreat. Scented candles will also help create the right atmosphere while adding light and soothing smells.

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Your Bathtub

Arguably the most important part of your spa retreat is your bathtub. A deep, spacious soaker tub will be exactly what you need to make your bathroom a personal oasis.

Your Shower

Your tub is important, but you probably use your shower more often. With that in mind, there isn’t any reason that your shower can’t be relaxing and luxurious too. Choose a massage showerhead or a rainfall showerhead to truly give yourself a spa experience every time you shower.

Add Some Ambiance with Accessories

Remember those candles we were talking about earlier? Those are the perfect ambiance booster for a spa bathroom, but there’s more you can do. Include a small speaker in your bathroom for peaceful music to help you relax into a zen-like state.

A bath tray is a great accessory that can hold candles, books, and even a glass of wine while you soak in the tub. Of course, you’ll also want some extra soft towels to dry off with. Add a towel warmer for a true spa experience!

Choose Ellecor Interior Design

If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into the ultimate personal spa getaway, Ellecor Interior Design is happy to help! We offer everything from simple rearrangements to full-scale home redesigns. No matter what room or rooms in your home you want to change, we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you want and personalize your room accordingly. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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Interior Design Tips for Making an Area Look Bigger

Mirrors in a room

When you’re working with a small space, you’ll want to make sure to design and decorate in a way that doesn’t make the space feel even smaller. In fact, there are things you can do to make the space appear bigger. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we share some tips to make your room look and feel more spacious.


One of the easiest ways to make a room appear bigger is by strategically placing a mirror or two on the walls. A decorative mirror is a stylish design accent that will add brightness and an airy open feeling to any room. It really gives a small room the illusion of being more spacious.

Clever Storage Solutions

Another good idea is to add stylish furnishings that also function as clever storage solutions. An ottoman with a top that comes off, for example, would be a good place to store things. Built-in shelving also helps to add design depth and storage without taking up too much extra space. Subtle storage can also be added with the right end table and entertainment center solutions. Speaking of which…

Ditch the Entertainment Center

Instead of having a bulky entertainment center in your living room, opt for a wall mount for your TV. This is a small step that will open up a surprising amount of space.

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Light colors are essential for making a small room feel more spacious and airy. Light whites, blues, and greys are perfect. Make sure to include some pops of dark color to add depth.


It’s best to avoid curtains or blinds on the windows, if possible. Windows without curtains open up the space and offer a view to the outside, creating the illusion that the space is bigger. Curtains and drapes often add a cluttered feeling to a small room, and they block out valuable natural light. If you really want curtains, consider sheer curtains that are a light color.


Using a big statement piece of furniture is better than using multiple small pieces. Multiple small pieces just make it seem cluttered, while a big couch can tie the room and decorations together.

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Choose Ellecor Interior Design

If you’re looking to turn your home into your own personal oasis, with style to match your own, Ellecor Interior Design can help. We offer everything from simple rearrangements to full-scale home designs. We work with our clients to figure out exactly what they want and need out of their living spaces, and we make those dreams a reality. Contact us today for more information and to get a free estimate.

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