How to Make a Home Cozy in Winter With Interior Design Choices

Cozy living room with throw blankets on sofa and rocking chair

It’s winter in the Ozarks. That means hot chocolate, getting cozy by the fireplace, cuddling up with a good book, and staying warm in your home. Warmth is about more than just the temperature. Warmth is a mindset when it comes to interior design. Today’s blog from Ellecor talks about making a cozy home in winter.

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Throw Blankets

Want an easy way to cozy up your furniture? A few throw blankets can do the trick for interior design. If you enjoy color, find colorful wool blankets to add a splash of color here and there. Feel free to use the blankets to cuddle up when you’re watching your favorite movie next to your sweetie.

Textile Artwork

Think about textile artwork for a few unique elements in your home. Tapestries hang on the wall, and they can be any size. You can even place small pieces on a bookshelf, over a rack, or on a little-used item.

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Add Comforters to Beds

Comforters serve two purposes: to keep you warm and spruce up your bed. Choose a neutral color to complement the rest of your bedroom. Or go for something colorful with bright and cheery hues such as yellow, orange, or bright green. Renewed interior design doesn’t require a lot of overhauls to completely change a room.

Faux Furs

Do you enjoy cottage or rustic style? Faux furs can add to the appeal of your home with white, tan, brown, and black hues. Harken back to another time when hunting and trapping were ways of life with faux rabbit pelts or fur rugs.

Bare Wood Elements

Rather than painted wood, go for stained or bare wood objects here and there for your home’s interior design. Stand-alone shelves, small sculptures, and reclaimed wood furniture such as an end table can instantly change a room to give it a cozy feeling.

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