Seasonal Home Interior Design Ideas to Celebrate the Harvest

Pumpkin, apples, and corn on a rustic table with leaves for interior design

Outside, the weather is getting cooler while people attend festivals and gatherings to celebrate another year of good harvest. Fall time is here, and what better way to spruce up your home than with seasonal decorations! Today’s blog from Ellecor showcases some seasonal home interior design ideas with the harvest season in mind.

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Start With the Kitchen

Harvests are all about food, so start with some simple additions to your kitchen! Find a bare spot on your counter or kitchen island. Set out a large bowl. A wooden one would be perfect here. Place a smallish pumpkin, some apples, and maybe corn on the cob in or around the bowl. 

Add harvest foods to your recipes. Roasted pumpkin is nutritious, and corn-on-the-cob makes every meal a crowd-pleaser! Encourage your family to dive into the apples as a snack. Home interior design can be as simple as adding a few elements here and there.

Go for Rustic, Farmhouse-Style Artwork

Think about what kind of art you enjoy. Do you like wall hangings, paintings, tapestries, or sculptures? How about a mix of all of these? 

Consider seasonal artwork for your living room. It doesn’t have to be much. You can buy a pottery pumpkin with twisting vines around it. Hang a print on the wall depicting an idyllic farmhouse scene surrounded by fall leaves. You could even replace a lampshade with one that showcases trees changing their colors. A windmill wall clock adds a subtle dimension with 12 metal iron blades serving as points of the clock. The possibilities are endless!

Add Scents

Home interior design should appeal to all of the senses and not just the visual or tactile ones. Just as you enjoy scrumptious food in the kitchen, the rich aromas of autumn can permeate your home to celebrate the harvest. Scented candles, sprays, diffusers, wax melts, and incense all have possibilities to mix and match the scents of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, sandalwood, cherry, and apple cider. Vary your scents from room to room, and don’t forget seasonal room sprays for the bathroom!

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Home Interior Design Tips for a Children’s Study Area

Boy sitting at desk at home with pencil writing Ellecor Home Design


Getting your kids to do their homework can be a chore in and of itself. Sometimes there are distractions, like pets, friends, phones, and holiday time. Other times they’re just not in the mood to do homework. Have you thought about creating a study area just for your kids? Ellecor Interior Design discusses some tips and tricks to decorate a children’s study area as part of your home interior design.

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Add a Desk to Your Child’s Room

Perhaps the simplest solution to creating a study area for your child is to add a desk to your kid’s bedroom. All it takes is scooting a few things over. Then you add a formal desk or even a small table along with a chair that’s the right size for your youngster. Having a study space in their room creates a relaxing atmosphere for preteens and teenagers, and it teaches them responsibility as they learn to manage their study time on their own.

Carve Out a Corner of Your Office

Working at home has become the new norm in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your own home office provides a quiet space to get work done. The same is true for your kid’s study habits. Think about putting a desk in your home office for your child. Not only do you maximize your space, but you also create a cozy place for your child to study with this type of home design. Use your child’s eye for decor when you design this section of your home office.

Set Aside a Nook

Nooks can go anywhere in your home. You can put one next to your piano, in the corner of the dining room, as part of your library, or in its own dedicated area that’s currently empty or unused. If you have a finished basement or attic, consider making a dedicated nook in either of those spaces. A study nook is something you can use for years to come in your home design as your kids get older. As you design a nook, include a few personal items like photos. Feel free to paint it in your child’s favorite colors.

Temporary Study Spaces

Are you short on room in your home? Home design for kid’s study spaces can be just a temporary solution. Keep a folding table or small table nearby in your living room, and then pull up your child’s chair. Or just set up a spot on your dining room table as you’re making dinner. Temporary study spaces in larger rooms help you keep an eye on your pupil as he or she masters the next lesson in their studies. 

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