Decorating for Easter: How to Use Interior Design to Create a Beautiful Space for the Season

Decorative Easter Bunny

The Easter season is a great time to introduce a breath of fresh air and all that spring has to offer in your interior design. The trick is finding and integrating the right elements into your existing palette, so your space is both bright and relaxing without feeling clashed or cluttered. Ellecor and our team of interior design professionals offer some clues on how to accomplish this while welcoming the season. 

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Choosing the Right Color Palette

If you already have a set color palette in your home, integrating new colors can be a challenge. Choosing muted pastels, mixed with natural and neutral colors, can offer a fresh feel to a room without overwhelming or colliding with the existing colors. 

Less is more. Introducing new colors for a season or holiday doesn’t have to be a total room makeover. A few pillows, a throw, and smaller elements like a vase can bring the desired effect. 

Adding Textures & Patterns

Adding textures and patterns to your design can make the space visually interesting while creating depth and dimension.  For spring, this is a perfect time to add florals and stripes. Toned-down versions can create a more neutral or even masculine space.

Bringing in parts of natural and organic elements like stone and wood to intermix with flowers and pastels is a great way to balance the pop of color and add texture. Look at wooden or concrete vases, natural branches, or driftwood. 

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Fresh Flowers & Blossoms

A vase of fresh flowers is always a nice touch. The colors can offer a new splash, while the fragrance can create feelings of happiness and relaxation. A centerpiece on a kitchen table, island, or dining table provides a wonderful way to set the tone for the meal. Be sure to keep the height below eye level and remove dying or dead flowers from the bouquet to maintain a fresh feeling. Smaller bouquets can be sprinkled throughout the house, like on coffee tables, bathroom vanities, and nightstands. 

Think beyond the vase. A wreath using colorful flowers can be a welcome beacon to the season and to those who grace the doorstep. 

Dishing Up the Holiday

If you’re not concerned with changing anything in the rest of the home, creating a festive space can be easily accomplished in the kitchen and dining room. 

Introducing an Easter color palette can be done with new chargers, placemats, or dishes. Choosing a palette for the spring can range anywhere from greens and creams to muted pastels. Cloth or paper napkins in stripes or florals can add visual dimension and a festive flair.

Pastel Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and green grass will add to any table or countertop decorations. 

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Using Interior Design to Decorate Your House for Valentine’s Day

Luxurious room decorated for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day happens every year, and it’s a wonderful time to decorate your home following the winter holiday season. If you’re into seasonal decor, Ellecor has some tips for using interior design to decorate your house for Valentine’s Day. 

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Don’t Forget Brown Hues

Red is the color of love and Valentine’s Day. But don’t forget to balance the red hearts with some chocolate-colored accents. Let’s say you have a beige couch. You accent the couch with some red and pink pillows on either end. Balance the red hues with a brown throw rug draped over the back of the couch for a subtle interior design choice.

Scentfully Delicious

Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all of its forms. Enhance your interior design with scents of chocolate and roses. There are many brands and types of incense, candles, and essential oils that make your home smell like the holiday. You can even complement other love-themed decor with Valentine’s Day diffusers. Candles add a romantic flair.

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Wreaths and Centerpieces

A wreath turns an ordinary door into a seasonal-decor focal point with just a single item. Welcome people to your home with a seasonal wreath filled with colors, bows, adornments, and trinkets. 

Centerpieces aren’t just for the dining room. You can add a flower arrangement to a coffee table, end table, dresser, empty shelf, or as a standalone piece along a wall.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Your dining room and kitchen offer fantastic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with inspired interior design. Red napkins with matching placemats signify the colors of the season, while fluted wine glasses make an elegant impression. 

In the kitchen, think of red fruits and vegetables to complement chocolates and champagne. Apples, cherries, radishes, tomatoes, and pomegranates all have varying shades of red.

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