What to Do With Throw Blankets Aside From Draping Them Over Your Couch by Ellecor

What don’t we love about throw blankets? They are soft, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch. Throws add a stylish look and warm feel to any room beyond the commercial use of a winter wrap, or a toasty addition to wine and a movie. They are viewed as an essential addition to interior design and supplement that inviting and cozy feel to your humble abode. The Ellecor interior design team will touch on some styling tips and tricks you can use towards your fashionable throw blankets for a more trendy look in today’s blog. 


A Modern Look: 


When it comes to contemporary interior design, modern-day styles are taking over. 

At least 40% of homeowners remodel or complete home renovation within two years of buying their house. To compliment your throws with a modern-day touch:


  1. Start by folding each blanket into an excellent flat square shape.


  1. After folding each blanket, stack them nicely on top of one another for a flat lay pile up.


  1. Stick to neutral earth tones, and this trend will add an accented flair to any granite countertop, or wooden floorboards for an inviting modern look.  


Pair It Up


Pattern pair-ups are a great way to make a solo throw blanket pop on a sofa couch. Taking a solid-colored throw blanket and pairing it with a color-coordinated pillow cushion sets the tone of sophistication yet fun to your shared area. This is another excellent way to challenge the trial and error of interior design aside from simply draping your throw blanket over the couch. 


A Casual Touch


Do not just stick to the living room! Assimilate your throws in various parts of your household. For a more casual look, place your blanket at the edge of your master bed for a trendy yet straightforward display. Another use for your throw blanket is laying it horizontally over the bed as a runner. Layer it with a smaller blanket on top for a finishing touch. This style will allow your room to have a friendly and organized lived-in feel for a cozier bedroom. 


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A Style for the Season: 


Coordinate your throw blankets with seasonal accent colors like burgundy for Autumn or pink and white throws for Spring. 


Ottoman Accent 


Suppose your sofa couch has a matching ottoman. Try draping your throw diagonally across your Ottman for your next interior design hack. This design adds an abstract style and compliments the throws draped over your couch as well. Additionally, rolling your throws into an excellent cylindrical shape and placing them side by side inside the ottoman is a different variation to an organized and purposeful use of your household items. 


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