DIY And Interior Design Firms in Springfield, Mo: The Beauty of Both is Explained By Ellecor

If you’re looking to redecorate your home, but you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic. You’re not alone. There are ways to incorporate your love for DIY tricks with interior design firm expertise to make your home pop! We don’t mean grabbing a sewing kit and cloth to make your own pillows (although that’s a great idea). We suggest using your trained inner stylist’s eye to structure your home into a balanced, color-coordinated sanctuary. In this blog, Ellecor Interior Designs discusses using DIY decorations and interior design firms to enhance your home. 


Interior Design Firms Offer Room Assessments  

Home re-decoration is a gradual process, and sometimes our grand vision gets overwhelming. This is where an interior designer comes in. When choosing your perfect color palette, interior design firms have a diverse range of color combos. We are talking about colors you never knew existed! Choose from warm, cool, and pastel colors to bold and vibrant looks. 

An interior designer evaluates your interests and what works with the room to prevent color clashing. Your color palette and matching accents will keep you focused on the correct design elements to add to your space. Ellecor offers room planning services from a blank area to a stylish finish. 


DIY Tricks To Make Your Home Look More Dynamic 

We love a fun-simple DIY hack for your home aesthetic. Ways to spice up your area without going overboard include: 

Pillows: Pillow amps up your space, making it look well-designed and planned. Use pillow inserts to switch your style for the seasons, new decor ideas, or color variation. Groups of 3 work well for sizing, texture, and pattern pairing. 

Wall Decor: Wall art is ideal when adequately centered. Aim to position your art at average eye level (57 inches high). Wall art hung too high looks out of place, giving a floating effect. To augment your wall art and home decor, center the pieces to eye level and build out for a gallery wall effect. Opt for a bold statement art piece or complimentary colors. 

Use Groups of Three: Grouping your design elements makes decor look uniform and intentional instead of cluttered. Feel the difference by adding a plant vase, crafted wooden bowl, and earth-toned books atop your vintage living room table. Focus on scaling (size), texture, and color when combining different pieces. Elements like candles, mirrors, and vases complement each other well. 

Our home decor storefront makes Ellecor different from other interior design firms. The store comes with unique accessories and group design aspects for any home style preference. Visit our home storefront in Springfield, Mo. 


Ways Interior Design Firms Help Balance Your Home Decor

Balance is everything regarding home decor. To maximize your entire space, you can balance the sofa, artwork, lighting, plants, and more. Furniture bunched on one side of the room looks unequal and plain to the rest of the house. Make the most out of your living room design with an Ellecor design professional. 


DIY and Interior Design By Ellecor 

At Ellecor, we make it our mission to bring your dream home to life. From DIY to room planning and consultation, we have the top home decor looks to suit your style and leave your guests in awe. Contact Ellecor Interior Design today or call (417) 720-2602 for more details on what we can do for you! 

Everything To Know About DIY Vintage Furniture Repair

The DIY vintage furniture/refurbishing trend is probably one of the most wonderful parts of the current Grand Millennial design era. The power of the internet and social networking has given homeowners and hobbyists more control over their day-to-day living styles for their homes. 

In today’s blog, our team at Ellecor Interior Design will cover everything to know DIY vintage furniture for those hoping to jump on the home expression bandwagon. 


Keep Your Textures Varied 

Plush and linen? Or Plush and cotton? It’s your choice — as long as you can balance the textures of your room. Having a staple texture is telling for the style of the individual you choose to represent yourself as in your home. 

However, if the texture isn’t complemented by other styles, it can give a bit of a bland presentation. A good rule of thumb is to balance around two to three textures within any given space. 

If it means throwing a fur rug on the floor to offset the wood tones from the wallpaper? Great! If it means redoing your backsplash to a subway tile that matches your marble countertop? Even better. Just keep it varied, and keep it unique. 


Sand DIY Vintage Furniture Before You Stain

This statement is both metaphorical and literal. Yes, it is important when repainting or re-staining wood to sand down the old elements, so a clean slate can begin with the new color/stain. 

However, this is the same truth for spring cleaning, redecorating, DIY restorations, etc. You don’t have to recycle everything back into your new look, especially if you’re starting over. Some of it can go to a new home as part of that homeowner’s fresh look, leaving room for your home to begin again with a new identity. 

Examples of pieces that can be updated or replaced to provide this fresh look include:

  • Rugs
  • Wall Decor
  • Sitting Chairs More Than A Decade old
  • Light Fixtures
  • Color Accents

Not all of it has to go, but when enough is retouched or replaced, your home becomes a beautifully reimagined space. 


Balance Your Style With Trend

It’s wonderful to stay on trend if you can afford to, because there are all sorts of fun decor items and styles just waiting to be discovered and played with. 

However, for those who are on a bit of a budget, it’s okay to balance timeless preferences with trends. 

For example, if you find you prefer the color tan, but know that dark colors are in, a great way to balance the two is to buy decor items that will wear over time in the trendy colors, and to buy your staples in your favorite. 

A beautiful beige or tan couch is wonderfully complemented by burnt orange, russet red, sapphire, or emerald throw pillows. If you think strategically, it is always possible to freshen up your living space with minimal money spent. 

Ellecor Design Helps You Bring Your DIY Vintage Furniture To Life

Ellecor specializes in balanced living; this is why we specialize in custom home finishing, room planning, bedroom, kitchen, living room designs, and more. Springfield, Missouri, is a wonderful place to find vintage and custom-made furniture. 

Ellecor has connections to them all! For more information on how we may serve you and your home, Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602. We can’t wait to see your dream home come to life. 


Ellecor Dishes On The Best Places in Springfield To Find Vintage And Custom Home Furniture

Antiquing, junking, thrifting, you name it and a friend from Springfield, Missouri does it. We love our repurposed, reclaimed, refinished, and all of the DIY lifestyle furniture, homes, and decor. We want to share this love with you, so in today’s blog, our team at Ellecor will share our favorite spots when searching for vintage and custom-made furniture. 



Looking for department store security with a bit of a surplus edge? Dirla’s has you covered! They specialize in selling high-quality individual furniture pieces at competitive prices. What’s even better is Dirla’s is a surplus/overstock store, meaning most of their items are obtained and sold at major discounts from major retailers. Everything from a custom desk to your first family home living room set up can be found at Dirla’s on Trafficway!


Beautiful Fight Woodworking

Custom wood built furniture is an Ozarks staple. What is extremely special about Beautiful Fight Woodworking is that the company was born from a beautiful story rooted in facing adversity. Cancer survivor Brittany and her devoted wife Heather own a custom wood furniture brand they run themselves. Their mantra is that Love is Love. 


A Cricket In The House

Vintage. Funk. Retro. What else can be said about the best stop on Walnut Street other than, “Let’s go!” A Cricket In The House is a wonderful vintage clothing and furniture shop that features a range of styles dating back to the early 1900s. Manikins featuring hats, dresses, and more are just part of the experience. Vintage china sets, and seating are for sale as well. 


Relics Antique Mall

The granddaddy of vintage stores is Relics Antique Mall on Battlefield! Featuring vintage, custom-made, and refurbished furniture pieces in peak condition, this store is famously known as the largest Antique Mall in Missouri. Rows upon rows of beautifully staged booths are balanced with the antique showroom where expos are held. As if this establishment couldn’t get any classier, in the back is a vintage tea room with purchasable refreshments and snacks.


Let Ellecor Design The Perfect Space For Your Vintage Finds

Ellecor specializes in balanced living; this is why we specialize in custom home finishing, room planning, bedroom, kitchen, living room designs, and more. Springfield, Missouri, is a wonderful place to find vintage and custom-made furniture. Ellecor has connections to them all! For more information on how we may serve you and your home, Contact us online or call (417) 720-2602. We can’t wait to see your dream home come to life. 

DIY Design Ideas

A young woman works on a DIY project.

It can be very fun to update your home from time to time, but it can also be a bit of a process. In this blog, Ellecor Interior Design guides you through five simple DIYs that will have your home looking great in no time!

1. Tape Picture Frames

Do you have a wall in your home that is bare and boring? Spice it up a bit with tape picture frames. First, purchase a few rolls of Washi tape that are in patterns or color schemes that you enjoy and that you believe work with your current decor. Next, print a few images from your personal photo collection and apply them to the blank wall of your choice using paint safe tape. Frame the images with the Washi tape. Keep a small space between the edge of the print and the tape itself to add some contrast.

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2. Pom-Pom Runner

Pom-pom runners can be used to make an older table look trendier, and can even be hung up on the wall or draped across the back of a chair or a couch to add a fun statement. Go to your local craft store and purchase two or three bags of pom-poms. Purchase two rolls of twine. Using a hot glue gun, apply the pom-poms along the twine about two inches apart. Be careful not to burn your fingers. Now place the pom-pom runner in an area of your home that needs some color and enjoy!

3. Permanent Chalkboard Sign

Buy a small chalkboard from your local craft store. Purchase some white acrylic paint. Use a piece of paper and a pencil to determine your design. Take your pencil and trace the design onto the chalkboard in pencil. Use a paintbrush and the acrylic paint to paint over the top of the design. Allow to dry fully. Your Chalkboard now has a permanent design!

4. Gold Accents

Are you into gold lately? Do you want your furniture to look a bit more modernized and a bit trendier? Purchase a small container of gold paint. Using a two or three-inch thick paintbrush, paint the legs of your older furniture. Allow your first coat to dry, and then reapply. Not only does this simple trick update your furniture and help tie your rooms together, and it also hides any scrapes or scuffs that can come with age.

5. Modern Twig Arrangement

To update the classic table centerpiece, all you need is some gold paint, a jar or vase, and some twigs from your yard! Go outside and gather twenty or so fallen twigs. Use warm water and a paper towel to clean off the dirt. Allow them to dry. Once they are dry, completely cover one side of them in the paint and allow that to dry. Then apply the paint to the other side of the twigs. If you want to add a bit more gold, try painting the jar or vase that the sticks are displayed in.

Contact Ellecor

Even after using DIYs to update your home, you may still want to seek the assistance of a professional. Ellecor has been assisting clients with interior design solutions since 2013. From simple design inspiration to complex project assistance, the Ellecor team can help you style your home in a way that suits your needs, and takes into account your unique tastes. Contact us online today or call (417) 720-2602.

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