Creating Sightlines With Kitchen and Living Room Design

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You love the open floor plan of your home. It makes a spacious feeling, increases natural light, and allows for easier movement from room to room. How do you keep your sightlines clear? Ellecor Design explains how to create sightlines as part of kitchen and living room design.

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Sightlines Explained

Sightlines take advantage of open spaces to allow people to see (or not see) various elements in your home. One key advantage to sightlines in an open floor plan is that you can keep an eye on small children playing in the living room while you’re cooking in the kitchen. You can also watch TV while you’re prepping dinner, or relax in the living room when you’re listening for the oven to beep. There are several ways to create clean sightlines in kitchen and living room design.

Stay Low

Keep your furniture and accessories lower, around 4 feet or less. Avoid floor lamps or table lamps that block the TV while you’re in the kitchen. Forget high-backed chairs, tall pieces of art, or freestanding shelves. You can have these items in your living room design, but consider them as corner pieces that are out of the way.

Rearrange Furniture

One handy part of an open floor plan is the easy path to walk from room to room. Rearrange your furniture to make a cohesive path that goes from your living room, through the dining room, and to the kitchen. You might have a hallway that stretches down from the living room towards the bedrooms. Think about aligning that hallway with your open floor plan’s living room design. You could have a space that allows you to see from your kitchen to the end of the hallway!

Think of Straight Edges

Maintain straight lines with your furniture to have a clear sightline. Align the back of your couch or comfy chair with the edge of the dining room table to create a longer line of sight. Imagine lining up a pool shot in billiards or measuring a piece of wood to cut. You want your line to be as straight as possible in living room design.

Avoid These Sightlines

Some sightlines should be avoided in living room design, just because they are unseemly and you want to maintain some aspects of privacy in your home. Try not to make a sightline where it’s easy to see dirty dishes in the kitchen, the toilet when the bathroom door is open, or the interior of a bedroom. Dirty dishes don’t look pleasant, and the bathroom and bedroom should be places of privacy in your home.

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Living Room Design by Ellecor

An open floor plan is a great way to create an inviting space for your family and friends. The Ellecor Design team has suggestions, tips, tricks, furniture, and accessories to take full advantage of your kitchen and living room design. Contact Ellecor Design today or call (417) 720-2602 for more information.

Home Decor Essentials for Your Living Room

Whether you are moving to a new home, remodeling your house, or renting an apartment, there are design elements that are essential for your living room. The right elements will help to make the room feel cozy and complete without overcrowding. In today’s blog, Ellecor Interior Design shares our top-four living room decor must-haves.

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Coffee Tables and End Tables

Coffee tables and end tables are perfect for creating extra surface-space without adding bulky furniture. Remotes, books, snacks, and drinks often call the coffee table home while you are relaxing on the couch. End tables are the perfect place for a lamp, a decorative plant, your favorite books, or happy family photos! Need extra space? Stop by Ellecor Interior Design’s custom furniture store to find your newest home decor piece.

Wall Artwork

Wall artwork is an opportunity to bring out your personality. Adding photographs, paintings, or home decor pieces helps brighten up the room and make it feel truly your own. When looking for new wall artwork, find something that matches the color palette of the room and complements the arrangement of furniture.


Every couch, loveseat, and chair needs to have at least one pillow to add a touch of color and comfort. If you have a monochromatic piece of furniture, adding a few accent pillows will immediately increase the coziness of your living room. Accent pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so choose pillows that are a comfortable fit for your furniture.

Sentimental Decorations

Your living room should represent your personality! After all, it is one of the best gathering spots in the home for family and friends. Choose decorations that are sentimental to you and then put them in a special place. Whether you want to display family heirlooms, your family photographs, or your favorite books, let your personality shine through!

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Transform Your Living Room Design With Ellecor

Need help designing your living room? Ellecor Interior Design is here to help! Our interior designers are experts in transforming your space to make it the living room of your dreams. Ellecor offers many services to ensure all of your interior design needs are covered. We can help with color selection, custom home furnishing, living room design, and much more, so contact us today to get started!

Custom Furniture and Creating a Timeless Piece

Custom furniture offers a great way to bring out your personal sense of style in your home. Creating a custom timeless piece takes into account several design choices. In today’s blog from Ellecor Interior Design, we explain how to achieve a timeless look.

Defining Timeless

Timeless furniture fits into almost any decorating plan. These pieces work well no matter the style of the rest of the room, and they buck trends. Timeless custom furniture doesn’t necessarily mean traditional or vintage items such as Victorian hutches or Georgian-style lazy Susans. Whether it’s a vintage or modern design, timeless furniture will remain stylish and relevant for generations to come.

Sturdy Materials

When you think of timeless pieces, your custom furniture must be made to last. Wood is a common durable material, but metal, stone, brick, wool, and leather also last a long time. You can create timeless furniture with other materials, such as cloth, glass, or plastic. However, you might need to take extra care of them.    

Flexible Design

Interior design trends come and go, and they often have bold colors and different lines. If you go with trendy custom furniture, it may be in vogue for only a couple of years. You could feel remorse a decade from now. Timeless furniture is flexible enough to work today, tomorrow, and a century from now. Consider neutral colors, clean lines, and furniture that blends well into any style of room.

Proportionately Pleasing

When the proportions of things are correct, they are automatically pleasing to the eye and symmetrical. Scientists refer to this as the Golden Ratio, and it was discovered in Ancient Greek times. The Golden Ratio is found in nature, such as conch shells, flower petals, human faces, and even the shape of hurricanes. Timeless custom furniture is the same way. These items feel naturally beautiful, making you smile and relax as you appreciate the timeless style.

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Classic Style

There are already plenty of classic styles that have withstood the test of time. Look to Greek columns, grandfather clocks, Louis mirrors, and botanical patterns, among others. You could have a wooden table with Greek columns for legs and carved leaves as embellishments on custom furniture. A deep, rich stain brings out the natural beauty of the material and protects the wood.

Custom Furniture from Ellecor Interior Design

Our design experts at Ellecor Interior Design relish the opportunity to help you create custom furniture that achieves the look you want. Our team of expert craftsmen builds one-of-a-kind furniture by learning your personal preferences and then completely customizing a piece from scratch. We want you to be perfectly happy with the finished product. Contact us today or give us a call at (417) 720-2602.

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Custom Furniture Tips: Creating a Piece That’s Unique to You

Drawing a Kitchen Interior

Custom furniture is one way to make your home an extension of your unique personality. You can be proud that your custom piece exists nowhere else on Earth because it was made to your exact specifications and standards. In today’s Ellecor Interior Design blog, we offer tips for creating a piece that’s unique to you.

1. Look Around

Do you feel there’s something missing in your home? Perhaps you see an empty corner, a dark spot, or a wide-open space that needs an object to fill it. Custom furniture can be something as elaborate as an entire set of kitchen cabinets or a 10-seat dining room table. You may just want a simple corner shelf or end table. Either way, custom-made items fill a need in your home’s interior design.

2.  Measure for Measure

Once you determine what type of custom furniture you want, get out your tape measure. Take precise measurements of the space you’re trying to fill. Does your shelf go from floor to ceiling, or just high enough where you can reach? Be sure your custom furniture will leave enough space for people to walk through hallways, stand up behind dining chairs, or move around the living room. Also, account for any accent pieces you may want to make into a set.

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3. Think About Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle when designing custom furniture. Do you have children or pets? You might design furniture that stands up to extra wear and tear. For example, rounded tables rather than sharp corners are safer for children and pets. If you love entertaining friends, family, and guests, invest in furniture that resists stains and spills. If clean lines and simple designs help you feel relaxed at home, choose custom furniture that complements your personal preferences and lifestyle.

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4. Have an Eye for Color

Pieces can complement, match, or contrast your existing decorating scheme. Smaller pieces, such as coffee tables or end tables, are perfect for adding splashes of color. Larger furniture, including sectionals or dining tables, help create a cohesive look. Draw the eye to custom furniture that isn’t in the same style or color as the rest of the room.

Contact Ellecor Interior Design Today

If you are looking for custom furniture, contact Ellecor Interior Design today! Our team of expert designers is always excited to assist any new customers and bring your design ideas to life. To learn how Ellecor can help you with your next interior design project, stop by our home decor store, contact us through a convenient online form, give us a call at (417) 720-2602!

2019 Interior Design Predictions

2019 Concept

We saw plenty of exciting trends through 2018, but the new year means new trends! In 2019, we expect to see plenty of shake-ups in the interior design world, and we can’t wait to implement some of them in our upcoming projects. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we’ll go over some of the trends we expect to see this year.

Multifunction Furniture

Minimalist design is still in style, and part of simplistic design is doing more with less. This means choosing beautiful yet functional furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, consider an ottoman that offers hidden storage space. Multifunction furniture allows you to make the most of your space.

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Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tile will certainly be having its moment in 2019. If you’re not familiar with Terrazzo, it’s a composite material with chips of quartz, granite, marble, and glass. There are multiple ways to use this material. It’s been used in everything from carpets, to tiles, to walls.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns have been around for a while, but expect a bit of a resurgence in 2019. Geometric designs and patterns can take a stale, simple room and add a big statement, giving the room some more life and eccentricity.

Eco-Friendly Trends

Every new year brings new environmentally friendly technologies, and they definitely have a part to play in the interior design world. Everything from recycled wood for decor and floors to energy-saving appliances can be easily included in an overall design. Also, incorporating plant life in your design always adds a natural, green element and looks great!


Floral patterns and designs are definitely making a comeback in 2019. No, we’re not talking about the floral couch at your great-grandma’s house. Modern floral patterns are more subtle and minimalist than old fashioned floral designs. Expect to see this trend become big this year.

The Color Black

The color black, especially in kitchens, is working its way back into interior design. All-white has certainly been prevalent the past few years, but working some black into designs proves to add a nice contrast and provide a modern look.

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Choose Ellecor Interior Design

Whether you’re looking to implement the newest trends or you want something more timeless, Ellecor Interior Design has you covered. We listen to your wants and needs so we can completely customize and personalize your design to match what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information and speak with a member of our team about getting an estimate.

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Interior Design Tips for Making an Area Look Bigger

Mirrors in a room

When you’re working with a small space, you’ll want to make sure to design and decorate in a way that doesn’t make the space feel even smaller. In fact, there are things you can do to make the space appear bigger. Today in the Ellecor Interior Design blog, we share some tips to make your room look and feel more spacious.


One of the easiest ways to make a room appear bigger is by strategically placing a mirror or two on the walls. A decorative mirror is a stylish design accent that will add brightness and an airy open feeling to any room. It really gives a small room the illusion of being more spacious.

Clever Storage Solutions

Another good idea is to add stylish furnishings that also function as clever storage solutions. An ottoman with a top that comes off, for example, would be a good place to store things. Built-in shelving also helps to add design depth and storage without taking up too much extra space. Subtle storage can also be added with the right end table and entertainment center solutions. Speaking of which…

Ditch the Entertainment Center

Instead of having a bulky entertainment center in your living room, opt for a wall mount for your TV. This is a small step that will open up a surprising amount of space.

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Light colors are essential for making a small room feel more spacious and airy. Light whites, blues, and greys are perfect. Make sure to include some pops of dark color to add depth.


It’s best to avoid curtains or blinds on the windows, if possible. Windows without curtains open up the space and offer a view to the outside, creating the illusion that the space is bigger. Curtains and drapes often add a cluttered feeling to a small room, and they block out valuable natural light. If you really want curtains, consider sheer curtains that are a light color.


Using a big statement piece of furniture is better than using multiple small pieces. Multiple small pieces just make it seem cluttered, while a big couch can tie the room and decorations together.

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Choose Ellecor Interior Design

If you’re looking to turn your home into your own personal oasis, with style to match your own, Ellecor Interior Design can help. We offer everything from simple rearrangements to full-scale home designs. We work with our clients to figure out exactly what they want and need out of their living spaces, and we make those dreams a reality. Contact us today for more information and to get a free estimate.

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Home Decor to Modernize Your Home’s Style

Stylish and spacious living room

Living in an older home does not mean you have to live with older decor. Updating your home with a modern style does not require a huge investment. Home decor is often about the details. You don’t need a home renovation in order to enjoy a modern decor style. Today, the team at Ellecor Interior Design will offer a few decor updates that can give your home’s style a modern look.

Start With the Lights

One of the most overlooked aspects of home decor is the lighting. The lights you use have a significant impact on the feel of a room’s design. Brighten up your home with table and floor lamps. Metallic lamps with simple geometric designs are an inexpensive investment that can do wonders for your home’s style.

Installing new ceiling fixtures is a bit more intensive, but can have a dramatic impact on a room. For most homeowners, it’s best to avoid digging into your home’s electric wiring on your own. If you are planning on making significant changes to your fixtures, contact a professional interior design team, like Ellecor.

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Clean Up Clutter

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to accessorizing your home. Contemporary design leans towards minimalism, but that doesn’t mean simply ditching stuff. Instead, concentrate on rearranging furniture so your rooms feel open. Unburden your bookshelves from unnecessary clutter. Remove excess decorative pillows and blankets.  A few are fine, but piles of pillows and blankets strewn across your sofa can make your living room seem cluttered.

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Accentuate Your Decor with Art

Contemporary art is a lovely addition to almost any room. Look for art that complements your furniture. When you place art on your walls, try to hang it about eye level or slightly below. Opt for simple frames in lieu of more traditional ornate frames.

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If you are looking for the best place to find new furnishings for your home in Springfield, visit Ellecor today. Our professional interior designer can work with you to help create the ideal living space in your home. Contact us today at 417-720-2602, or come visit our store at 2144 E Republic Road, Suite A100, Springfield, MO 65804.

Awkwardly Shaped Spaces – Interior Design – Ellecor

Modern living room with fireplace and sofa

It would be nice if every room was simply laid out and easy to decorate. However, occasionally, you come across a living room that is oddly shaped. Find some tips below to help you decorate an oddly designed living room layout.

Create Symmetry in the Space

If you’re decorating a room that is odd and asymmetrical, then try to create a little bit of symmetry with the décor. This could be something as simple as creating a symmetrical gallery wall or placing two comfortable sitting chairs in a symmetrical position. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but creating a little bit of symmetry will help bring the space together.

You’ll Need Creative Storage

If your space is oddly shaped or very small, you’ll need to be creative with your storage. Consider a built-in entertainment center if you have a long wall. This can double as storage space. The last thing you want is for your small space to feel cluttered and overwhelming. Keep things simple and tidy!

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Make Sure Furniture Pieces Can Multitask

Again, if your space is small or awkward, it is a good idea to have furniture that can be many things. Maybe consider getting an ottoman instead of a coffee table that way it can double as seating if you have guests. You could also consider a coffee table that has storage space in it. The possibilities are endless when it comes to clever pieces that are both beautiful and functional!

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Keep Your Color Palette Simple

In a space that has a busy design or is very small, it’s good practice to employ a simple color palette. You can add pops of color, but your main pieces should be pleasant and natural. This will make the space feel calmer and larger.

Let Ellecor Help!

Some spaces are challenging and require the intervention of a professional interior designer. Luckily for you, Ellecor has a team of incredible interior designers who are ready and able to help you turn an awkward space into a dreamy living room setup. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you!

Reading Nook – Interior Design – Ellecor

Above shot of a woman holding coffee and a book

I think we can all agree that on a rainy day there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cup of tea and a good book. The only thing that could enhance such a delightful experience is having a dedicated reading nook specifically designed for ultimate comfort. Read our Ellecor blog to find out what you need to create the perfect reading nook!

A Comfy Chair

You can’t have a reading nook without a plush chair. Find a chair that’s comfortable but still provides good support. Choose colors that will be calming to you and facilitate rest and relaxation.

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Lots of Cozy Blankets

Of course, you’ll want to have some cozy blankets at your disposal for chilly days. A blanket can be a great way to add a pop of color to the space. If your chair is a neutral color, choose a brightly colored blanket that’ll add both color and texture to the space.

Really Good Lighting

To fully enjoy your reading nook, you need to have good lighting so you don’t strain your eyes. If you can, place your reading nook next to a window to provide natural reading light. Also, make sure you have a lamp on hand for those dark winter days or night time reading. Make sure that it’s a soft, warm light that isn’t hard on your eyes.

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Someplace to Put Your Drink

You’ll need someplace to put your tea while you read. A small end table should suit your purposes fine. An end table is another great way to add a pop of color. Don’t forget to have some coasters handy!

Someplace to Put Your Feet

Place an ottoman near your comfy chair so you can prop your feet up while you read. There are a lot of options when it comes to ottomans. We suggest choosing one that’s cushioned to provide yourself with the utmost comfort while you read.

Don’t Forget the Bookshelf

If you have space, put a bookshelf near your reading nook. That way you can have all your favorite tales handy for when you sit down to read. Keep the shelves stocked with old favorites and books that are on your “must-read” list!

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Let Ellecor Help You!

At Ellecor we have the perfect décor and furniture pieces to help you create the most beautiful and comfortable reading space for your home. If you’d like help putting the space together, we have a team of incredible interior designers who have an excellent eye for creating lovely spaces. Contact us today or come visit us in store!

Interior Design With Bohemian Style Decor by Ellecor

Brightly colored pillows and blanket on couch

Your décor should always reflect your personality. So, for our more free-spirited readers, we’ve decided to write a blog about how to design the perfect bohemian master bedroom. If you’re a fan of bright color and interesting texture, this interior design trend will be right up your alley. Read on to discover our tips for creating a dream bohemian oasis!

Use String Lights

Soft light is a hallmark of the bohemian style. With all the bright, busy colors and texture of the style, you want to keep the lighting soft and relaxing. String lights add a feeling of romance and magic to any space. String them behind sheet curtains or hang them across your ceiling. Wherever you put them, they’ll most certainly enhance the space.

Include Lots of Patterns and Color

If you want to truly capture the spirit of a bohemian interior design project, then be bold with your color and pattern choices. Ignore all of the rules you previously learned about not using patterns that clash in the same room. A brightly colored rug mixed with an equally bright and patterned bedspread is a perfect place to start. Don’t shy away from wild patterns. Embrace them!

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Add Texture

Add depth and comfort to your bohemian room by layering lots of different textures in the space. Plush blankets, soft comforters and fuzzy rugs will cozy-up a brightly colored space. As with the colors, don’t shy away from mixing a multitude of textures in the space. Go wild!

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Mix and Match

If there’s one thing that a Bohemian bedroom shouldn’t be it’s super matchy. Embrace the free spirit within and stop trying to make everything perfectly match and coordinate. Bohemian style is about a multitude of seemingly conflicting patterns and colors coming together to create something fascinating. Throw caution to the wind and let your free spirit take over!

Let Ellecor Help!

If you need a little bit of help unleashing the Bohemian artist within, give Ellecor a call. We have a team of phenomenal interior design experts who would be thrilled to help you make your Boho dreams come true. Contact us today!